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Baby Diffuser Blends and Printables

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Baby Diffuser Blends and Printables

Needless to say, when our sweet Baby Bee, Everett, was born – a lot changed in our lives. His arrival really made us stop and look at his (and our) household environment. In order to provide home with the best air quality, while also giving him emotional support, we created our favorite baby diffuser blends and printables. It’s important to note:

We have never used essential oils on the baby’s skin as of yet. Only diffused oils were used in a proper essential oil diffuser. Do not use for babies under 3 months old.

This is our daily guide and cheat sheet for whatever his needs are on a particular day or time. Obviously a sleeping baby = happy parents LOL. And yes, we do cater to his every whim 😂

Lavender essential oil is known to calm anxiety and nervousness. It is also a great oil for beginners.

A 2016 review found some evidence that lavender oil could help treat pain in babies. One study found that newborns who smelled lavender while having a heel prick test experienced less pain and a lower heart rate than those in a control group.

Another study concluded that a lavender oil aromatherapy massage could reduce colic symptoms.

This blend is perfect for baby’s nap time.

Sometimes a room can feel a little stale from stagnant air. This is especially so during the months that we are using our heat. A clean nursery makes for an overall sense of purity and cleanliness.

Not that our baby has ever been fussy – but we are thinking ahead to when his first tooth is coming in. We know that this is a difficult time for babies.

For an overall sense of freshness in the air, this is a great blend.

These blends all smell fabulous. Our household has been much calmer and happier! 

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