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All the Buzz – Winter Faves

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Welcome back to All the Buzz!

All the Buzz is a weekly wrap-up of our favorites and observations of the week. Here’s the latest and the greatest! Let’s dive into All the Buzz – Winter Faves.

Favorite Words

Seen While Shopping

Well this was seen while shopping on Facebook haha! We haven’t been to too many stores since last March, but have relied heavily on online shopping. We have been wanting to get a Cricut for a while now and someone in a Facebook group we’re in was selling a brand new Cricut Explore Air 2 for a great price, so we jumped on the offer. We can’t wait to create some cute projects with it! They are running a special right now and they are $50 off, which is also a great deal! You can see the deal

Favorite Kitchen

Rachel Parcell, who has incredible style and a clothing line at Nordstrom, also has an amazing home.  One of our favorite features is her gorgeous kitchen. Her husband is a contractor and they built an incredible home in Utah. The scenery alone is stunning! From the pantry to the countertops to the farmhouse sink, it is perfection! All the Buzz

What We’re Watching

This show came out over the Summer on HGTV and it’s called House in a Hurry. It follows homebuyers who are relocating to a new state and are spending just one weekend to find a new home. Talk about stressful! And you can see the stress they go through, as well as the relief once they find a home. The episodes are short and it’s a great show to have on while cooking dinner or you just want something mindless to watch. Not going to lie though, one of the episodes did have my crying. I am blaming it on postpartum hormones lol. 

Favorite Instagrammer 

Half Baked Harvest seriously has some of the best recipes! There is one in particular that is honestly a weekly staple in our household and is sooo easy to make. It’s a buffalo ranch chicken salad and if you know us, you know we love both buffalo and ranch. We even just shared a buffalo chicken wonton recipe with you this week. You can find that recipe HERE.

Favorite Fire Pit

You must look at the amazing site of The Joshua Tree. It’s like taking a virtual vacation. Couldn’t we all use one right about now? And how about this fabulous fire pit?

Favorite Kitchen Sink

Allie of Farmhouse 4010 has the most beautiful home. We just love her farmhouse sink!

Favorite Baker

Do you ever watch any of those cookie baking shows? We have gone down a rabbit hole or two with these and online videos. These specialty bakers are truly talented. Our newest discovery is Mik & Cookies (and that is not a typo…her name is Mik :)). How cute are these Valentines cookies?

Real Simple Magazine reveals their Top Kitchen Trends. We were shocked by #1.

Casseroles to make every month.

How to design your bedroom for sweeter dreams.


Our Posts From This Week:

We hope that you liked this edition of All the Buzz – Winter Faves. Let us know what your current faves are!

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