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All the Buzz – Spring Ideas

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Welcome back to All the Buzz!

All the Buzz is a weekly wrap-up of our favorites and observations of the week. Here’s the latest and the greatest!

Seen while shopping

Does this get you ready for Spring, or what? This is the entrance to a nearby antique shop. So very pretty, creative and captivating!

Irish Proverb

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day. These wise words are so true!

Discoveries We Love

Did you know that you can easily make your own buttermilk at home? I guess I’ve been living under a rock. This past week a recipe that I really wanted to make called for buttermilk and, you guessed it, I didn’t have any. I also didn’t want to get dressed and drive 20 minutes to the grocery store. After a quick online search to food and recipe sites, I quickly discovered that I could make buttermilk with items I already had on hand.

How to Make Buttermilk

  1. Use Milk. Pour the milk into a liquid measuring cup.
  2. Add an Acid. For every 1 cup of milk, stir in 1 tablespoon lemon juice or vinegar. …
  3. Ready to Use! The acid will curdle the milk slightly.
  4. Buttermilk On Demand. Use the thickened milk — curds and all — just as you would buttermilk in your recipe.

Make your own buttermilk at home. Just add lemon juice to milk.

What We’re Watching

Netflix just added new offerings to their lineup. If you need a feel-good fix, do yourself a favor and watch the movie The Jane Austen Book Club. It’s a story about a group of friends that create a book club solely around reading Jane Austen novels. We hope that you love it as much as we do! 

Favorite Instagrammer This Week

Mixed metals get us every time, especially when gorgeous copper pots are involved. This lovely Instagrammer is @annleefuller. She has tons of wonderful photos of her fabulous home!

Favorite Bathroom Makeover

The very first blog that we ever discovered is our sweet friend Karianne of Thistlewood Farm. She is an vivacious, sweet and lovely lady! In fact we were fortunate enough to be invited to her Kentucky home right before she moved to Texas. Karianne recently gave this bathroom a complete makeover – and we love it!

From this…

…to this!

Favorite New Book

When visiting my bestie, Bambi, this week I was enthralled with her coffee table book A House By The Sea. You will be drawn to the pages of beauty like a moth to a flame. Page after page of designer Bunny Williams vacation home. The book is filled with home decor loveliness! 


Favorite Kitchen Decorating

We love pretty tablescapes. Here’s a beauty from decor8 by Holly Becker. This has all the Spring season feels!

Favorite New Idea

Amco Rub Away Bar

We found this product out of pure necessity. Have you ever cooked with garlic, fish or onions? Then, no matter how many times you washed your hands with soap, the odor still remained? This crazy, stainless steel bar is the answer!

It’s not magic, it’s science

The Rub-a-Way Bar is made from light-weight, stainless steel – the molecules in the steel bind with the sulfur molecules on your hands, thus transferring the molecules, along with the smell, to the metal and off from your hands. The Rub-A-Way Bar can also remove other strong odors, like fish and seafood.

Our Posts From This Week

How to Remove Faded Design From a Vintage Pyrex Bowl

How to Remove Faded Design From a Vintage Pyrex Bowl

Beautiful Table Settings With Thrifted Finds

Don’t Forget to Pin this to your favorite Pinterest board!

Have a fabulous weekend, friends! We will see you back here on Monday with our Spring Mantel Decor!

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  1. Such great tips and ideas from you guys this week, thank you! That rub away bar is fabulous and I can’t get over the woodlands chair. It’s amazing. Hugs, CoCo PS: That bathroom doesn’t even look like the same bathroom – such a cool makover

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