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All the Buzz – Springing it Up

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Welcome back to All the Buzz!

All the Buzz is a weekly wrap-up of our favorites and observations of the week. Here’s the latest and the greatest!

Seen while shopping

Y’all – this soap smells ah-mazing! We love the fragrance combination so much that we are using them in our diffuser with essential oils! It’s like Spring has sprung! The soaps are made by Normal Soap Company and we found them locally at The Market Collective.

Favorite Words!

What We’re Watching

Oh my gosh, y’all. We recently watched another Netflix program that really shook up up and made us think. The program is called Stink, and it’s all about everyday use of items with fragrance. We are talking about household cleaners, clothing, soaps and much more. It is frighteningly educational. The story is about a dad that purchased new pajamas for his young daughters. When they opened their gift on Christmas morning, the PJ’s stunk. This dad’s relentless journey began as he tried to find out what was put into these pajamas to make them smell so horribly.

Favorite Instagrammer This Week

This week we are sharing a beautiful Instagram feed all the way from Vestfold, Norway! You will get lost in Ester’s gorgeous photos and still-life’s of flowers, plants, bulbs and more! Follow here HERE!

Favorite Home Ideas

Collecting vintage silver and how to use it – shared by French Country Cottage. She offers tips on how to collect it and decorate with it!

Favorite New Book

Why yes, we did just share  Salt Fat Acid Heat as a favorite TV show last week. But, then we ordered the cookbook. Let’s just leave it that we are obsessed with Samin and her fabulous culinary ideas!

20 companion art prints are also available. They are beautiful and so affordable at only $18. Our order is on the way!

Here’s an example:

Favorite Kitchen Decorating

This Beverly Hills kitchen was designed by Lindsay Chambers. There are not enough puffy-heart-eyed emojis 😍to show you how much we love this kitchen!

Our Posts From This Week

Chalk Painted Books to Look Like Antiques with DIY Molds

Chalk Painted Trays with French Graphics – My Dollar Store DIY

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Have a fabulous weekend friends! You deserve it!

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