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4th of July Decor in the Living Room

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4th of July Decor in the Living Room

It is not too late to add some festive flair to your home. We easily added 4th of July decor in the living room and you can too!

For some reason this 4th of July holiday sneaked up on me. Logically, I knew it was approaching, but I failed to get my decor out of the attic until this week. I discovered that a lot of you have been experiencing the same thing. 

Earlier this week I shared my 4th of July Porch Decor. The porch looks super patriotic and festive. Basically I just added lots of American flags and it looks great. For the living room decor I only added a few items to add some red, white and blue holiday bling!

A vintage minnow bucket is the perfect vessel for American flags. It creates a fun coffee table centerpiece.

This minnow bucket is approximately 60+ years old. It was a thrifted purchase of just $5.00!

A tableside vignette needed just a bit of color. Leftover American flag toothpicks from the front door wreath were added to this silver salt shaker.

Another thrifted find and it was just .10¢.

Initially I was attracted to this feed sack pillow because my name is on the front.

I also love the washed-out vintage red and blue graphics. This is not typical 4th of July decor, but the colors are perfect.

Other red white and blue decor ideas

  • quilt or blanket
  • glass jars or bottles
  • signage
  • flowers
  • paper fans
  • bunting
  • balloons
  • dollar store pinwheels

We hope that you and yours have a safe and wonderful holiday!

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