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5 Easy Steps to Perfect Vignettes

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Hey y’all…We’re back today to share some more of our best decorating tips. Several weeks ago we offered a survey for our readers asking how we could better improve our blog and the types of stories and topics we post about. A good portion of you were so sweet and kind to tell us exactly what you wanted. You want decorating tips that are practical that can be applied in your own homes.

Today is all about vignettes. Doesn’t that sound like a fancy French name? A vignette is a grouping of items displayed on a shelf or tabletop in a pretty way. Following is the method that we always use, whether we are decorating a coffee tabletop or a bedroom nightstand. Remember our 5 easy steps to perfect vignettes:

Shiny, Flat, Color, Height, Odd Number

Following are some of our favorite vignettes…

Vignette 4

1. Shiny

Shiny items can be anything that has a bit of sheen or sparkle and reflects light. It can be something as simple as glassware, a mirror or a piece of metal decor.


2. Flat

Now, by flat we don’t mean something that lays down flat like a magazine. By flat we mean an item that is devoid of sheen, shine and has no luster.


3. Color

Don’t be afraid of color. Use colors from the space or room that you are decorating. Remember, that brown, black, white and cream are colors too 🙂

Jenn dining

Sitting Room Makeover

4. Height

You want to add interest to your vignette by varying the height(s) to your design. You don’t want everything to be even on one level.

DIY Farmhouse Canvas Art for under $10!


5. Odd Number

Vignettes look best with an odd number of items…3,5,7. You get the idea. In the photo below, each shelf displays an odd number of items.

IMG_0613 (2)

Be sure to display some of your most loved items or collections.

Vignette 6

DIY Gray Washed Wicker Laundry Basket


DIY Burlap Canvas Beach Art. Super simple artwork - add jute or rope to spell out "Beach" and embellish with shells and sea glass!The most important thing to remember is to have FUN! Your vignettes should be a reflection of you and your decor.

Vignettes Collage

We would love to see some of the vignettes that you create!

Until tomorrow…

XO~Vicki and Jenn


  1. Great tips ladies! I’m loving your easy, approachable style. So pretty! Hugs, CoCo

  2. This is very helpful. I always feel like I’m missing something so now I can refer to the 5 easy steps.

  3. Beautiful vignettes and great tips! I’m slowly working on the color part…

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