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Yarn Wrapped Vases – Easy DIY Decor

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Yarn Wrapped Vases – Easy DIY Decor 

Don’t you just love a super simple and easy project? Jenn and I definitely do. Especially when said project is super cute and perfect for our winter home. Take a peek at these yarn wrapped vases – easy DIY decor.

Here in Georgia, we have been experiencing a fairly cold Winter this year. I’m always looking for simple ways to make my home cozy and inviting. A couple of weeks ago I shared Refresh your Home From Christmas to Winter. Adding texture to your home is a quick way to bring in a cozy vibe. Creamy white, fluffy yarn has a lot of texture. It’s like making a scarf for a vase.

I gathered yarn, a small milk bottle, a Yoplait yogurt jar and a square vase.


  • yarn
  • glass containers or vases
  • scissors
  • flowers

There really isn’t much of a tutorial to share. After gathering my supplies, it took a matter of minutes to craft three vases. All I did was tightly wrap the yarn around the glass in a somewhat haphazard way. When I was satisfied with the look, I clipped the end of the yarn and tucked it under the wrapped yarn. There was no need for tape or glue.

Get Creative with Vases

I used grocery store flowers to fill each vase.

This sweet little milk bottle is part of a larger set that I collected.

Have you ever tried Yoplait’s French style yogurt? Personally, I find it delicious. Collecting the jars that the yogurt comes in is an added bonus. 

Sweater-like pillows are another layer of coziness in the family room.

I love how these yarn wrapped vases turned out. It’s so satisfying to do a project that only takes minutes to complete. Plus – it was practically free. Other than the fresh flowers ($2.99) I had all of the materials on hand. 

I truly hope that you have been inspired in some small way today. How do you decorate for Winter? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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