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What does that sticker say? – Painted End Table

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We couldn’t believe what the sticker price was for this thrifted find and put our paint skills to work for this painted end table project. 

We couldn't believe what the sticker price was for this thrifted find and put our paint skills to work for this painted end table project.

What does that sticker say? Once again we were out thrifting for a deal at our local Goodwill.  Jennifer spied a very nice looking end table – solid wood(we think it’s cherry), very good shape, nicely made,  Ethan Allen table.  Jenn looked at the price tag, looked up at me wide-eyed and said “this table is $5.00”.

Table top before the re-doMe – the ever supportive mother – said “No way!”  I mean, we are very thrifty with our finds but this was a great deal.  The next question was – “What’s wrong with it?”  Honestly, it is practically perfect.  The table is missing a drawer.  The good news is that the drawer isn’t really needed.  We can totally conceal the open space by placing that side against the wall.  We can eventually find a basket to go in its place but we don’t think it is necessary.

Here is our $5 Goodwill table before we started transforming it.  See the empty space where a drawer used to be?

$5 table ready for a makeover

Jennifer primed the end table with our go-to-every-time Zinsser gold.  She then painted one coat of Antique White paint.  We were surprised that one coat of paint gave such great smooth coverage.

Primed, painted and ready to look French

Next, Vicki began the antiquing process to obtain the French look that we wanted.  This is the stain medium that she used – can you tell the Danish Oil has been used a lot?

Danish oil for the antiquing process

Just put a dollop on a rag or paper towel and begin rubbing onto your surface.  You can use more if you want to achieve a darker look.  Work quickly and in small areas at a time.

Let the antiquing begin

This is a photo shot before the excess Danish Oil was rubbed off.  After the excess oil was removed, a thin coat of paste wax was added to the top for an even smoother finish.

Makeover is almost complete. Just need to remove excess stain.


Ta Da… we think this side table turned out great.  The drawer isn’t even missed.

No longer a $5.00 table! Makeover complete.

Here’s a close-up of the detailing and antique finish.

Antiquing brings out the detailing in the end table.

No one would ever know that this started out as a $5.00 thrift store find.  We are always amazed at how just a little bit of paint and polish can totally update and change the look of a piece of furniture.

So pretty after being painted. $5 thrift store table - no more

Table Final

Have y’all found any fabulous thrift store deals lately?

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