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Painted Christmas Sign – Sort Of

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A painted Christmas sign the easiest was possible.

The Target Dollar Spot strikes again! Goodness knows you are all sick of hearing me lament that I don’t have a Target store anywhere near my house. When I was in Florida last week I convinced Honey Bee to to let me run into a Target store that we had just passed. He graciously turned the car around and reminded me we still had a 9 hour-plus car ride ahead of us to get home.

Target Dollar Spot

I ran into the store like an Olympic sprinter because I wanted to see the Hearth and Hand collection, but I stopped dead in my tracks at the Dollar Spot. All of the super cute, inexpensive Christmas goodies were in the bins at the front door calling my name. UGH, I was so torn. Should I run to the Hearth and Hand section because word on the street was that everything was already selling out? Or should I stay at the Dollar Spot browsing the holiday cuteness? Please, I’m a professional shopper. I threw a whole bunch of Dollar Spot Christmas cuties in my cart and took off for the Hearth and Hand section. There would be time to sort out my cart later.

Christmas Sign

And this round wooden “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” charger was in my cart. At least the $3.00 sticker on the back called this a charger. Yeah -$3.00 for this! In my mind I was already hoping that I could transform it into a painted Christmas sign. The Christmas phrase is engraved so I came up with an idea.

Using a sponge brush I applied white chalky paint to the engraved area, wiping off the excess paint.

Here you can see the writing very clearly. Using black chalkboard and a sponge roller, I rolled on the paint being very careful over the white writing. I did not press down on the roller.

For touch-ups I used a white paint pen.

Ready for Christmas

Isn’t this adorable? I’m not even sure yet which room I will be using this in, but it can go anywhere!

Don’t you think this is better than as a charger? It could be cute as a tray too! Just add handles.

That would make a fantastic hostess gift! Darn it, I should have thought of that sooner. When you’re an Olympic sprinter in Target though, there are only so many things you can think of at once! Like a painted Christmas sign!

I’ll be sharing another easy Christmas Dollar Spot transformation next week!

Tomorrow is exciting! We are part of an Ornament Exchange Hop. You will get to see 50 different DIY  ornaments! You don’t want to miss it!

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  1. This is going to be so perfect for holiday entertaining! I swear the Target Dollar Spot gets me every time – there are so many good things in there. Honey Bee is the best! Hugs to you both, CoCo

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