Merry Christmas and Photos from the Past…

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It’s time for 2 Bees in a Pod to take a break and celebrate Christmas with our family. We are taking several days off but will check-in with you next week with a couple of posts. We hope that you are enjoying the holidays with your loved ones and we will see you next week!

In the mean time…Jennifer and I each share our “Christmas Past” through our vintage family photos. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!


I love going through our old photographs. I wish I were organized enough (2015, I swear I will get organized) to have beautiful albums, color coded for seasons, and in chronologic order for date. HA HA HA – not to be confused with HO HO HO. My photos are in boxes, bins and drawers in no order at all. I guess my love of Christmas had these photos at the ready – as they were scanned on my computer many years ago.

I love looking back in time at my Christmas childhood as well as Jennifer’s. We thought it might be fun to share a glimpse into our Christmas past with you and narrate our thoughts 🙂

Vicki: My dolls dress perfectly matches mine! This was in Miami at my maternal grandparents home on the canal.

fentonv-R1-E053Vicki: “But grandpa said I could keep a puppy” – “Are you looking at how cute I am?”

scan0039Vicki: My brother Gary looks very dapper in his bow tie. My youngest brother Glenn seems to be thinking “Holy cow – I think Santa is drunk” 🙂


Vicki: Not too sure of what happened to the color in this photo. Gary still looking cool. What are Glenn and I doing with our tongues?

Christmas 1969

Vicki: I thought I was hot stuff with my first professional hairstyle 🙂

Christmas 1970 Vicki Gary and Glenn


Vicki: Now, I realize that I am Jennifer’s mom – but isn’t she just adorable in all of her photos? She was always so good having her portrait photos taken as well as sitting on Santa’s lap. She never gave us a moment of trouble or guff – well, there was that phase during her Terrible Twos  🙂 But, other than that!!


Jennifer: From these photos it is clear that I loved Christmas from the beginning…or perhaps that I loved being the center of attention.

scanJennifer: This was my first Christmas…I was about 7 months old

scan (1)Jennifer: Again, I hate to say it, but I was pretty darn cute!

scan (4)


scan (5)

Jennifer: Precious little angel, hahaha!

scan (3)Jennifer: This is when I had lost almost all of my teeth…I even lost one during a Christmas pageant this same year!

scan (6)

scan (7)

Jennifer: I know you love the faux fire behind me 🙂

scan (8)

Thank you for indulging our glimpse into Christmas past. We truly love the holiday and enjoy seeing where our love for Santa and the Season began. Merry Christmas!


  1. Best post of the year! Every picture and word perfection. Merry Christmas Bees!

  2. You’re both awfully darn cute 2 Bees! And your love of Christmas (and Christmas dresses!) shines through 🙂 Thanks for sharing the Christmas memories and hope you have many more this year! Bwg ~~~

  3. Well, you two are just adorable!! Very sweet pictures. Thanks for sharing and I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

  4. Vicki and Jennifer, wow I loved your walk down Christmas memory lane. Those pictures are way too precious and loved the fancy n frilly dresses too. I agree this may be your best post ever. I so enjoyed it. Glad you’re taking some time to enjoy the holidays and wishing you both a wonderful Christmas!! xo Lisa

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