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Make an Engineer Print into Wall Decor

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I have wanted to make an engineer print into wall decor for a long time. Have you seen those type of prints? They are very large and gorgeous black and white photographs enlarged on a professional blueprint printer. Moving into this house, I have a big blank wall that offered me the perfect opportunity. My dad gave me a few boxes of lovely vintage photographs. While digging through the stash I came across these two photographs…(This post contains affiliate links).


Aren’t they fabulous? I knew that they would be perfect for the kitchen – if I could just figure out how it could be done. There were a lot of ideas online and some offered conflicting information. When in doubt, call the professionals. Speaking to my local copy center professional she assured me that she had the blueprint copy machine and offered the following details:

Before you start this project:

  • Choose a photograph and convert it to 4×6 dimension
  • Save it on a thumb drive
  • Go to your local office supply or printing store. Call ahead to be sure that they have the capability to print engineer prints or blueprints. Not all of them do.
  • At the printing center, ask for an engineer print in your desired size. I chose 24×36. Each print cost $3.94 each at my location.

Supplies needed to complete project:

This canvas was purchased at my local craft store with a 40% coupon. Honey Bee graciously went with me so that he to could use a coupon for the second canvas.

Engineer print into wall decor art. Black Artist Canvas

We love Elmer’s spray adhesive as it doesn’t get too wet or puddle.

Spray Adhesive works best to apply the engineer print to the canvas

As a photo comparison – the original photo is a 2×3½.

Photo Comparison to the size of the engineer print

Now we’re all set and ready to get started…

Lay the engineer print on top of the canvas. Use a firm roller to help remove air bubbles.

First, I laid out my engineer print on top of the canvas to get it lined up evenly. I pulled one corner back and sprayed with adhesive. After this, I carefully placed the corner of the print down and rolled it into place. This anchors the print into place. Then, I began spraying more freely, in a row-by-row fashion and rolled each section into place.

To apply the engineer print to the canvas fold back one corner and spray the adhesive.

It was so easy and quick to do.

These dapper gentlemen are my great-great-uncles. They were part owners of a dairy and they ran the creamery. They delivered sweet treats throughout their community in the dairy wagon and on bike.

The engineer print wall decor is more special with personal photographs. This is a family photo from 1th 1930's.

Other family members owned and operated this produce stand. Maybe this is why I love to go to the farmer’s market so much! Notice that 2 gallons of apple cider were .05 cents!

This family photo is from a produce stand from the 1930's.Looks perfect as oversized wall decor from an engineer print.

The prints look fabulous on my kitchen wall. Remember, this isn’t fine art. The photos do pixelate a bit, but I love the effect.

Vintage Photo Engineer Prints

The engineer prints make quite a big statement for very little money.



This vintage antque table looks beautiful underneath the engineer print wall decor. The baskets with chalkboards add texture.

The black stands out against the alabaster walls.

The black canvas on the sides of the engineer prints make it have a museum quality look.


Using the black canvas for the engineer prints llok great from the sides. It gives a finished edge without having to paint.

At first this table was moved into the kitchen for staging purposes only. Well guess what? Honey Bee and I loved how it looked, so it’s staying put 🙂 This antique table was purchased several years ago for $25. The marble top and its original glass knobs make this a favorite piece.

Vintage antique table with marble top. Looks beautiful underneath the engineered print wall decor art.


Engineer print into extra large wall decor art.

I am thrilled I finally took the plunge and created these prints. Even more special is that they represent a part of my family history. Gather your courage and make a statement piece for your home. You won’t be sorry!


Let’s be Pin Pals. Pin this to your favorite Pinterest board…

Large Engineer Print Wall Decor Art from small vintage photos.

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  1. Wow, what a terrific idea! Thanks for showing us yet another way to display those beloved old photos. Bambi

    1. Hey Bambi! – they look even better in person! we are thrilled with how they turned out.

  2. Joni Wehrenberg says:

    What an incredible way to display your families history! I LOVE it!

  3. These are SO cool! I love the way they turned out. They make such a special statement pieces for this area and the piece you have it partnered with is divine. Great job girl! HuGs, CoCo

    1. Thank you CoCo – you know how much we love our vintage photos! And they do look pretty great in poster size !

  4. GREAT idea! We have some old fun family photos that would look great displayed this way.

    For those that love that vintage feel of old photography…you may want to check with your state historical museum. In Minnesota we are able to purchase copies of pictures very reasonably. I have several pictures of the North Shore displayed in my home.

    1. Hey June – thank you for this valuable information. We will definitely be checking in our local area!

  5. laura davis says:

    Love how that whole area turned out.. the prints.. the table..baskets..

  6. Kendra @ www.joyinourhome.com says:

    They are beautiful, ladies! Look like prints you paid big bucks for! It all looks soo pretty; I have an adiction to baskets!

  7. These turned out amazing! I absolutely love your idea to use the black canvas – the edge really makes these look museum-worthy! My mom has tons of old family photos; I may have to raid them!

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