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How to Transition Your Decor from Christmas to Winter

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Happy New Year! Are you ready to change things up in your home decor? We have some ideas on how to transition your decor from Christmas to winter.

Truth be told, I know that lots of you have much colder winters than we do. And full disclosure, I love cold weather and truly wish that we would have some snow. A girl can dream, right?. 😂  Now that the hustle and bustle of Christmas is over, you might be wondering how to transition your decor from Christmas to winter. Here’s how.

1. Greenery, Plants and Flowers

In the dead of winter a lot of us live in areas where the season is taking its toll. If you take a look around things can look pretty bleak – there are no leaves on the trees, the ground is far from green and your home is probably drier than the dessert from the heat being on all the time. This year we have unbelievably higher temps with the added pleasure of thick humidity. Bringing plant life, greenery and flowers into the house can instantly liven up your rooms.

At this time of year my favorite greenery is dried boxwood and moss. They don’t dry out like plants tend to, although I have these in my home as well.

Boxwood and moss are bright green in color and so fresh looking.

2. Pillows,Bedding and Textiles

Nothings says “cozy” quite like a comfortable throw and pillow. In my home these are changed out seasonally. For wintertime I like to use textiles that are plush, warm and super-soft.

Think about changing the linens in your bedroom(s) too. Mixing and matching patterns is always fun and a good time to showcase your personality.

3. Fragrance

Each of us has our personal favorites when it comes to fragrance, especially in our homes. Some might prefer spice, citrus, pine, floral or 100’s of other combinations. Maybe you like something that makes you think of a future vacation…the beach or mountains.

In my home I use fragrance in various ways.

Candles that I typically burn in the evenings.

Easy DIY Essential Orange Oil Candles. How beautiful is this painting by The painted jackalope

Simmer pots on the stove during the day. THIS recipe with apples is so good.

A simmer pot with orange peels, rosemary, cinnamon and cloves is a surefire winner to banish winter funk. You can get our simmer pot recipe HERE. Did you know that just by peeling an orange, the spritz of the zest can improve your mood by 70%?

Rosemary and Citrus Orange Spice Simmer Pot - Banish Winter Funk. Add rosemary, fresh orange peels, cloves and cinnamon to the simmer pot.

Using essential oils is another great way to introduce fragrance into your home. I use a diffuser during the day as well as at bedtime. HERE are some great fragrance combinations for the January blues.

Also, I created these DIY Scented Pinecones  and they are amazingly fragrant!

4. Glass Bottles with Color

Bottles with color add instant vibrancy to a space. You only need to add a small grouping to make an impact.

They look beautiful when the sunlight hits them – this is especially great on days when it is too cold to go outdoors.

Coastal Inspired Simmer Mantel - using glass bottles in the colors of the ocean5. Vignettes and Displays

There is a definite warmth and charm about vignettes and displays. This is a perfect way to bring out a beloved collection and show it off.

How to Style a Coffee Table

Put it on a tray or inside of a basket. We even like to keep out some of our Christmas items that double as winter decor.

We hope that you found these ideas helpful and inspiring! How do you keep your home warm and cozy during the winter season?

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