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Fall Dough Bowl Decor Using Pecans

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Whole pecans are great to use in home projects. In fact, let me share fall dough bowl decor using pecans.

I am a firm believer in using what you have on-hand in home decor ideas. Free decor is always best. This idea of making a fall dough bowl decor using pecans was born from nostalgia.

Growing up, pecans were always plentiful in our home. My grandfather was part-owner of a pecan farm in Florida. Harvest time was mid-September through November. If my family happened to be visiting during this time, grandpa would take us out to the pecan grove. We would fill large buckets or boxes of whole pecans. Naturally, my family used these pecans in recipes for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Full disclosure – I never enjoyed the step of having to shell the pecans. It was hard work, but the reward of a fresh pecan pie made it all worth it!

I live in rural Georgia and pecan groves are prevalent. A few weeks ago, I was given a bucketful of fresh, unshelled pecans. I will definitely be using them in my fall and Christmas baking, but I couldn’t resist using some of them in my fall decor.

When I pulled out my bins of fall decor, I did a bit of cleaning. At the bottom of the bins were loose faux berries that had fallen off of their limbs. I’m sure you all experience this too. Instead of tossing them I decided to use them sprinkled into my fall dough bowl decor.

I’ve had this vintage dough bowl for years. It kind of looks like a flat, heavy scoop.

I simply added the unshelled pecans, a faux antler, the loose berries and mini fall candle in the middle.

The dough bowl pairs perfectly with my fall sunflower centerpiece.

This fall dough bowl was so easy to create with the unshelled pecans. Give it a try!

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