Easter Basket Ideas for Babies

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With a new baby, we are so excited to celebrate his first Easter. I gathered these Easter basket ideas to make his first Easter special!

Can y’all believe that Easter is right around the corner? We seriously don’t know where the time is going nor that we have an almost 4 month old! Everett is just growing up so fast. Time needs to slow down! But, we are so excited to celebrate his first Easter. Sure, he won’t remember it, but we still want his first Easter to be special. I have rounded up some Easter basket ideas for babies that are below. 

And of course I have to show an updated photo of Everett 🙂 Is anyone else’s camera roll full of a million photos of their kid? I swear we take at least 20 pictures a day haha. 

Easter Basket Ideas for Babies

This Easter basket is full of fun things like stuffed animals and books to more practical things like PJ’s and teethers. We’re right around the corner from both solid foods and teething, so I wanted to be a little prepared for that. Also, we use burp/drool cloths in our household all day long, so definitely needed to stock up on more of those!

baby easter basket ideas

Bunny Stuffed Animal

Doesn’t this Jellycat Easter Bunny look so cozy?! We love a good stuffed animal and the best part is that it comes in different sizes. 

Easter Basket Baby Ideas

Stacking Cups

Parents swear by this toy and hopefully Everett will be able to use it soon. He’ll be a genius in no time hahaha!

Baby Easter Basket

Easter PJ’s

We lucked out and were able to get a sweet pair of Easter PJ’s from Pottery Barn Kids (they are on backorder until June now!). But, these Bert’s Bees footie pajamas are so cute too! 

PJ's for Easter Basket

Activity Cube

Everett is getting a little more intentional with playing and it is so incredible to watch his development. This activity cube has a lot of different things he can do and will also be a great support for when he is learning to sit up on his own. 

Toys for Easter Basket

Easter Book

I read to Everett multiple times a day, as it is part of our nap routine. It’s nice to add another book into his collection 🙂

Book for Easter Basket

Silicone Feeder

We are big fans of Dr. Brown’s bottles and they have these awesome silicone feeders that we’re excited to use once Everett is ready for solid foods. You can put fresh and frozen foods in and they also make great teethers. 

Easter Basket Ideas

Carrot Teether

How cute is this teether? Plus it fits perfectly with Easter!

Carrot Teether for Easter Basket

Bunny Rattle

Everett is starting to hold onto more things and this was just too precious to pass up for his Easter basket. 

Rattle for Baby Easter Basket

Bandana Drool Bibs

As I mentioned before, we go through so many drool bibs it’s not even funny. Our little guy is a spitter upper haha! 

Easter Basket Ideas for Babies

Bunny Blanket

This bunny blanket is just too sweet and so incredibly soft. This kid has a ton of blankets, but we don’t think you can ever have too many! 

Easter Basket & Filler 

Then of course you need an Easter basket and filler to put all of the fun things in! There are a million options out there, but we tend to gravitate to the simpler baskets. At least for this year.

Ideas for Easter Basket

We can’t wait to celebrate Everett’s first Easter and spoil him with a fun Easter basket. Hopefully for those of you still searching for some items, these Easter basket ideas will complete your gift!

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