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How to Easily Turn Your Photos Into Watercolor Paintings

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How to Easily Turn Your Photos Into Watercolor Paintings

Do you notice when there is chaos in one part of your life it spills over into pretty much everything else in your life? No, is it just me? Gosh y’all – I hope I am not alone. For me it truly starts with just one thing that can derail my normally clean home, organized calendar or structured business day. Each and every day it becomes more and more apparent to me that I need to stick with a strict daily routine – no matter what. It is doubly important because I have the luxury of working from home. So for me it means my home and my workspace are messy. Currently I am mapping out a plan for myself that I will share in the future. In the meantime, I love to surround myself with pretty things and I know that you do too! Here’s how to easily turn your photos into watercolor paintings.

Surround Yourself With Pretty Things

How do I know this? Last week when I shared my post about 4 Warning Signs of Your Health – Don’t Ignore Them you were unbelievably receptive, encouraging and kind! I can never repay you for your generosity and thoughtfulness. Included in your comments and overwhelming email responses was your curiosity about the watercolor paintings. You wanted to know where they were from, who the artist was, were they for sale and for how much! Admittedly, I was a bit flattered 🙂 The honest truth though, it isn’t really original artwork at all.

Every single watercolor was created from one of my own original photographs using an app on my iPhone called Waterlogue.  


Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices running iOS 7 and greater and Windows 10 tablet, mobile and desktop devices, FEE of $2.99 – $3.99 depending on your device.

I’m not selling anything here…I just really love this app.

Inspiration photo

How to Easily Turn Your Photos Into Watercolor Paintings

  • Download the Waterlogue app. *See above requirements*

  • Open the Waterlogue app and upload a photo from your camera.

  • Familiarize yourself with all of the different filter options. Play around with them and have fun. You can’t break anything…I promise! It’s artistry in your fingertip.
  • Once you have the watercolor looking the way that you want, you can then choose different sizes for your artwork, add a border, level a crooked photo and more.

  • Most importantly…don’t forget to save your masterpiece. You can then share it with others or print it to display.

Isn’t this beautiful? I originally took the photograph because I loved how the sunlight played with the turquoise glass. After using the Waterlogue app I found it to be even more beautiful.


I printed my artwork on watercolor paper for a more authentic look. This is absolutely not necessary at all.


I had this paper on hand and decided to use it.


When framed it really does look like original watercolor.




Fair warning…this app is addicting! I’ve used it to make place cards, vacation memories and invitations.


What is that Oscar Wilde Quote?

“Life imitates art far more than art imitates Life.” 

I’m certain he wasn’t speaking about faux watercolor paintings 🙂  and watercolor apps – but it did remind me of this artwork. When placed side-by-side you can see how exact the watercolor truly is.

Waterlogue before and after

Let me know if you try this app…I would love to see what you create! Excuse me while I surround myself with pretty things. What else can I turn into a watercolor?

PicMonkey Image


Vicki's Blog Signature

Here are some real watercolor art pieces that I created. There are easy to follow directions…and I promise – you can create these too!

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  1. Love love love how you created these beautiful pieces of art in no time! These would be perfect for easy gifts and artwork around your home. Can’t wait to try this awesome idea, hugs, CoCo

  2. diane mandt says:

    Thank you for this idea – so lovely, so (apparently) easy and non-messy.
    Wish I had some ideas to share. . .


  3. Ann Caine says:

    How do you change the size of your artwork before you print? I haven’t been able to figure that out! Thanks.

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