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DIY Copper Mercury Glass Votives

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Sometimes it seems that Jenn and I share a brain. We frequently have the same ideas at the same time. Take today’s project for example. I had no idea that while I was creating my DIY copper mercury glass votives, Jenn was at her home using he same exact same paint to makeover a thrifted globe. It turns out that we both have a mad crush for all things copper.

Both of these projects are super easy. Once again the power of paint comes to our rescue. I am currently working on tablescape ideas for Thanksgiving. I immediately had the idea to add lots of copper accents to my dining table. Stores and specialty shops are loaded with beautiful copper items, but a lot of them come at a hefty price tag. Being ever confident I knew that I could make something beautiful and coppery on my own 🙂

I envision my table centerpiece to be lined with copper votives and candles. Let’s get started!


Clear glass votives and/or vases. I used both.

Krylon Foil Metallic Copper Spray Paint

Paper Towels



Spray Bottle. Add equal parts of water and vinegar to the spray bottle.

DIY Copper Mercury Glass Votives

Typically when you create a copper mercury glass effect, you spray paint the inside of the glass. Being that my glass will be used for votives, hence fire, the copper spray paint must only be used on the outside of the glass.

Use a tarp or drop cloth for surface protection from overspray.

Work on one votive at a time as the copper spray paint dries very quickly.

Spray quick and messy spurts of copper spray paint to create little mini bubbles.

DIY Copper Mercury Glass Votives

Immediately spray the copper surface with the water/vinegar mixture. Blot the wet mixture with paper towels to achieve the look that you want.

DIY Copper Mercury Glass Votives

Let the votives dry completely before moving them. You don’t want to run the risk of fingerprints marring your new copper finish 🙂

DIY Copper Mercury Glass Votives

They look beautiful when lit up.

DIY Copper Mercury Glass Votives

DIY Copper Mercury Glass Votives

I made four small votives and two medium sized vases. Looking forward to  seeing these votives on my Thanksgiving table. I cant wait to share the other tablescape items I’ve been creating!

DIY Copper Mercury Glass Votives

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DIY Copper Mercury Glass Votives


  1. Oh my gosh, these votives are gorgeous!! I adore copper and mercury glass so this combo is a huge win-win in my book 🙂

  2. Beautiful! Is this safe for flame inside once its dry? Also- does the paint stay in tact with flame inside?



    1. Hi Donna – yes, our method is safe as the painting technique is on the outside of the glass.Hope this helps!

      Vicki and Jenn

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