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Calligraphy Workshop

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Hey friends – it’s been awhile! Recently, Jenn and I attended a calligraphy workshop and it was amazing! It sparked my creativity and gave me a much needed break. Today, I thought that I would share this calligraphy workshop.

Jenn gave me the most generous gift for a combination of my birthday and Mother’s Day. The biggest gift is that she attended the calligraphy workshop as well and we had a fabulous afternoon. I thought it would be fun to share our day with a behind-the-scenes look of this workshop.

The class took place in historic Madison, GA. Jenn and her family moved to this beautiful, town last year. We are reaping the benefits of living close to each other and exploring all of the new additions and happenings of this growing area. Empire Mills is a historically preserved and restored cotton seed oil mill turned event venue, located in historic Madison, Georgia. We were both very impressed with this restored mill. Multiple options are offered for events – big and small.

Sometimes, I think I was born in the wrong era. I love most things, vintage, antiqued or aged. Give me all of the weathered silver, silk ribbons, faded fabric or worn wood.

Calligraphy is embracing a time when people actually wrote letters and mailed postcards. Have you ever looked at people’s penmanship from 100 years ago? It seemed everyone had beautiful handwriting – some folks even added flourishes to their signatures. Calligraphy is therapeutic art!

Good Pupils

Don’t we look studious? Jenn and I fully embraced our instructions in an effort to glean as much knowledge as we could. There is something cathartic and wonderful to dipping a pen into real liquid ink.

Photo credit – Katie Hyatt

Katie supplied all of our beautiful materials. She personalized all of our notebooks and practice sheets. I strive to be able to write as beautifully as she does. Also included were brass stamp seals, wax, set of handmade paper, ink, matches, pen, pen nibs and MORE!

We each had a vase of flowers at our stations. Even these arrangements look vintage!

Beautiful Table

Beautiful floral arrangements were plentiful. This oversized display was my personal favorite. Delicious snacks, wine and champagne were provided and made our experience even more fun!

Katies was an excellent instructor. I had no idea that there were so parts to a pen nib. Oh – in case you are wondering, a nib is the part of a quill, dip pen, fountain pen, ball point or stylus which comes into contact with the writing surface in order to deposit ink.

Scenes from the calligraphy workshop

Melting wax for wax seals was another fun and creative outlet. Here are a few of the seals that I made.

I feel confident that in a months time, I will be able to address one envelope 🤣 Hopefully, I can keep practicing and learning. Have you ever taken a calligraphy workshop? I’d love to hear about it.

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