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Beach Inspired Diffuser Blends – Hear the Waves

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Beach Inspired Diffuser Blends

Well, if we can’t make it to the beach, we can bring the beach to our homes. Here are our favorite beach inspired diffuser blends.

Summer Fun

Friends, how is your summer going?  Thank goodness for the community pool, as things are a bit sweltering here. We really wish that we were laying on a beautiful beach somewhere…anywhere for that matter. Since this isn’t currently the game-plan, we decided to create some beach inspired diffuser blends. 

We thought of some of our favorite beach activities and then added essential oils that reminded us of that particular experience.

Beach Diffuser Blend Combos

In a recent post, we shared our favorite Summer Inspired Diffuser Blends. Also in that post we shared why we use essential oils.

Essential oils provide a great health enhancement, as well as a chemical free environment. We consciously made the decision to Ditch and Switch cleaning products, laundry supplies and home fragrance items.

When we imagine the beach, we can instantly hear the crashing waves and feel the heat on our faces.

More than that, we get the scent of salt, citrus and flowers. We have tried to capture the essence in our diffuser blend recipes.

We truly wish we were at the beach, but these blends are a great way to bring the beach to us! Enjoy!


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