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5 Awesome Target Bargain Bin Christmas Finds

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Happy Friday!  The sun has finally started shining around here and it makes us feel much more productive and creative. I am ready to tackle some projects this weekend that I’m excited to share with y’all in the next coming weeks.  I know last week I showed you all of the amazing things I found from the Dollar Store and this week, I am showing you some awesome Christmas finds I got from the Target Bargain Bins.  You know the one’s that are right when you walk into the store and you can’t help but take a look to see what they have.

Naturally I only went into Target for cleaning supplies and walked out with a plethora of Christmas decor and ideas. It’s amazing how easy it is to get distracted in that store.  And even though I got some great new things, I did not spend a fortune.  The bargain bin had some of the cutest Christmas items and they ranged from $1 – $3…you can’t beat it!

This Christmas season I am mad for plaid and I just couldn’t pass up this awesome ribbon, that was only a dollar.  I know I can find some places to utilize it this year.

5 Awesome Target Bargain Bin Christmas Finds

I love slate coasters and we already have some in our family room, but I just thought it would be so cute to have these festive ones.

5 Awesome Target Bargain Bin Christmas Finds

Aren’t these paper Christmas tags adorable?!  Again, these were only $1 and came in a pack of four.

5 Awesome Target Bargain Bin Christmas Finds

Then we get to these awesome wood slice, chalkboard ornaments or tags (you could use them either way.)  I saw them and was instantly inspired to do something a little different with them, which I’ll be sharing with you next week.  Hopefully my idea turns out 🙂

5 Awesome Target Bargain Bin Christmas Finds

And of course I couldn’t forget about my furry friend.  Target had all sorts of adorable Christmas sweaters and shirts, that were each only $3.  I loved this one and can’t wait for it to get a little cooler so I can throw it on Teddy…I know he’s excited too!

5 Awesome Target Bargain Bin Christmas Finds

5 Awesome Target Bargain Bin Christmas Finds

5 Awesome target bargain Bin Christmas Finds

I love Christmas and I love to change up my décor each year, but I also don’t want to spend a fortune.  Looking for the deals and shopping in the bargain bins allows me to change up my holiday décor without hurting my wallet.  And I don’t have to sacrifice my aesthetic because there is so much awesome Christmas décor that is inexpensive.  Plus I’ve learned my lesson and know that in order to get the things I want, I need to shop earlier rather than later.  I used to wait until after Thanksgiving to go in search of new decor, but was always disappointed when everything was picked over.  Again, I may look crazy, but I do have some pretty cute stuff to show for it 🙂 What are ways that you change your décor each year?

XO – Jenn


  1. Love love love everything you brought home Jenn! It’s so exciting to bring the decorations down and start preparing for the Christmas season. I can’t wait to see what you do with all of your finds #madforplaidsistersunite

  2. Just added Target to my shopping list for the day! Thanks, Jenn

  3. mary scott says:

    Outstanding finds! Thanks for sharing them.

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