4 Warning Signs of Your Health – Don’t Ignore Them

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 4 Warning Signs of Your Health – Don’t Ignore Them. Trust me, I know.

Last week I turned the page of my paper calendar to the new month of June and discovered that all of the little dated squares were blank. I mean totally blank as in nothing was written down. No birthday’s were recorded, no blog post ideas mentioned, no special dinner dates reserved – nothing …just blank. Talk about a panic inducing moment! What had I missed? What had I already committed too? Worse yet, did I already miss an appointment or had I over committed and not even realized it? Usually my calendar is chockfull of business responsibilities and opportunities, decor ideas, family and friend get togethers, appointments and shopping wish lists. How did I let this happen because I am usually so very diligent and organized?

4 Warning Signs of Your Health - Don't Ignore Them

These are the 4 warning signs of my health that I ignored:

1. Exhaustion

Then it hit me – I finally understood the ramifications of ignoring my health and the impact on my daily life. Back in January my body and my brain were telling me to slow down, but I didn’t want to listen. I was feeling tired ALL of the time and I now realize this was really exhaustion, not just tired. Brain fog was settling in like a cozy blanket and I couldn’t focus or concentrate like I normally could. By most evenings it was an effort to put one foot in front of the other. I have always been the type of person to push through, no matter what. DO NOT be this type of person. 

4 Warning Signs of Your Health - Don't Ignore Them 8

2. Brain Fog

When I awoke in the mornings I was still exhausted even though I would have slept for eight hours or more during the night. My creativity tank was empty and that had never happened to me before either.

Then, March 3rd my father fell in his kitchen and shattered his femur. This required surgery and subsequent rehabilitation hospitalization for 2 ½ months. Unfortunately I live 3 hours away which required me to drive back and forth or occasionally to stay overnight. Of course other family was present too so I was by no means doing this alone. But the worry, stress and the unknown took more toll. Again, I pushed my own health to the back burner and further ignored symptoms that something just wasn’t right.

Finally this “push through” girl couldn’t ignore the symptoms anymore and had to take action and make a doctors appointment. After two ultrasounds and lots of tests I was relieved to learn that everything is going to be fine!

4 Warning Signs of Your Health - Don't Ignore Them 4

3. Lump in my Throat

  • There is a lump in my throat. The results are that as of now this lump is characteristically benign and will be re-tested in six months.

4 Warning Signs of Your Health - Don't Ignore Them 2

4. Hair Loss

  • Hair Loss. Way.No.Fun. It is falling out by the handfuls because of the following two reasons.

When I went to the doctor I found out I have:

4 Warning Signs of Your Health - Don't Ignore Them 3


  • I tested positive for hypothyroidism which is of no surprise. I now take Synthroid, which is a synthetic hormone.  Symptoms.

4 Warning Signs of Your Health - Don't Ignore Them 6

Vitamin D Deficient

  • The most surprising issue is that I am severely Vitamin D deficient. My doctor explained that 42% of Americans currently are deficient and don’t even know it. Normal levels are supposed to be between 30-100. I am at level 2. That’s right folks – level 2! This currently leaves my immune system weak and unable to fight off infection among a long list of other things. It will take approximately 3-6 months for my Vitamin D levels to return to normal. I am taking prescription Vitamin D compounded especially for me. Symptoms

4 Warning Signs of Your Health - Don't Ignore Them 5

My doctor told me that with the combination of the severe Vitamin D deficiency and the hypothyroidism I should not have been able to get out of bed, let alone function on a daily basis. Yet, I pushed through. How ridiculous is that?

So, why am I telling you all of this? Not for sympathy, not for attention. This is a loving caution…take care of yourself! Pay attention to your body and the warning signs that your body is giving you. Please don’t ignore them like I did. We all get stuck on the hamster-wheel-of-life from time to time and it is hard to get off. Ignoring symptoms only makes conditions worse and harder to treat and cure.

4 Warning Signs of Your Health - Don't Ignore Them 7

Put yourself first!

It is so very important to put yourself first! If you don’t, you won’t be there for anyone else.

In my case I’m fortunate. My conditions can be remedied by strictly following doctors orders and taking medications. Had I gone to the doctor sooner, I wouldn’t be as sick as I am now.

I know that this is a giant departure from my regular posts. Although I’m very uncomfortable with sharing this much personal information with you, I also felt it important to be honest with what is going on in my personal life. It is my sincerest hope to help someone else who might me struggling today.

4 Warning Signs of Your Health – Don’t Ignore Them!

All the best!

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  1. Goodness! I’m glad you finally saw a doctor. Praying the six month recheck brings good news! Hugs!

  2. Great news that you finally are getting the treatment that you need. Where did you get the beautiful paintings?

    1. Hi Pam – thanks so very much! The artwork in this post? They are our own photographs that we then converted to watercolors through an app called Waterlogue. Here’s the link: http://www.tinrocket.com/apps/waterlogue/

      Thanks so much for following along. Have a wonderful day!
      Vicki and Jenn

  3. I’m so sorry you’ve been dealing with this along with your father’s injury! But I’m glad you’re on the mend! It is so hard to admitnto ourselves when we’re feeling “off”, and even harder to take ourselves to the dr and admit it! I hope you continue to feel better & that the next test comes back clear as well!!

    1. Hey Emily – You are so right! I was so out of touch in the beginning I really wasn’t paying attention to the signs. Thank you so very much for your sweet words of encouragement!

  4. Laura Laskey says:

    Thank you for putting this out there! My life changed when I had my vitamin D tested years ago. Mine was non-existent like yours. I now take 50,000 iu’s a week for the last 8 years or so. Thank goodness my rheumatologist checked it! The difference in my life has been unbelievable.

    1. Oh my goodness Laura – I am so glad you wrote! I never dreamed that having severely low Vitamin D could have such a negative health impact. I am educated now and know what I must do to recover my health.Thank goodness your doctor noticed your symptoms and tested your levels. It is encouraging to know how great you feel 8 years later! Cheers to Happy Health!

  5. Thank you for sharing. Most people are like you and push through. I did for a few months after my mother died and then realized that I couldn’t do it. it has taken me a full year to finally feel like me again and feel some peace about my mom’s death. I have, like you, been pushing through life and now I don’t do it anymore. I am so glad you are better now….and that you will always try to remember not to become that person again…life is too short. Take care of yourself.

    1. Hi Sharon – Thank you so much for reaching out. Grief is a hard journey to travel, and losing your mother is not easy. I dare say probably one of the hardest losses we experience. You were very wise to realize that you could not push yourself. You offer a very wise and kind reminder…not to become that person again…so true. I appreciate you reaching out. Hugs to you.

  6. I am so sorry that you have been sick Vicki, but I am glad that you now know what is going on and are receiving treatment. Take care of yourself and thank you for encouraging all of us to do the same!

    1. Hey Kimm – Thanks so much! Yes, I think it started out innocently enough – kind of like “The faster I go the behinder I get”. Just trying to keep up with life and obviously not doing it very well. It’s hard to believe that ignoring being tired got me to this point. Glad to be getter care and moving forward!

  7. Thanks for sharing, Vicki. I’m so thankful you went to the doctor when you did and are on the mend. I appreciate you and your continued great advise!

  8. such a great reminder to take care of ourselves whenever we get the feeling that something is “not right.” i too am guilty of pushing through no matter what and ignoring red flags and signs that i need to rest, go to the doctor or cut down my commitments. thanks for sharing this post and your story. you’re in my prayers, coco

  9. Great advice Vicki… thanks for sharing your personal story. Hugs 😘

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