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Valentine Chocolate Spoons & Free Printable Tags…

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I knew with Valentine’s Day coming up I wanted to make something with chocolate, but to be honest my creativity was lacking.  Everything I was thinking of just sounded boring or cliche and I wanted to do something different this year.  So I decided to browse my kitchen for inspiration and as soon as I saw the hot cocoa mix I knew what I was going to do…chocolate spoons!  But not just any chocolate spoons…they would be Valentine Chocolate Spoons 🙂 Perfect for dipping into your hot chocolate or coffee!

I knew it would be easy to do and would be something thoughtful and cute.  Especially with an adorable little tag that says “You melt my heart”?  In my opinion it was perfect hahaha!  Plus, chocolate spoons are a little more guilt free than candy, right?  You can find the link for the free printable tags below.

First of all we found these awesome spoons that already had a Valentine’s Day theme going on and we just knew they would be perfect! Aren’t the pink and red zig-zags cute?


Then we got dark chocolate candies (yum) that are so easy to work with and we knew would harden like we’d want them to.  You just need to follow the instructions on the packaging to melt them down.  We find that the microwave option is the easiest.


All we had to do was drizzle the spoons with the melted chocolate and then just lay them on parchment paper so they would harden.


We embellished the spoons with sparking hearts. We also found cute bags and ribbons to use for gift giving… 

What we really love are these adorable tags we made to go with the spoons that really ties it all together.

Valentine Chocolate Spoons and Free printable tags

Valentine Chocolate Spoons and Free printable tagsThis printable is free for you to use!!

Free Valentine Printable - You Make My Heart Melt

Click Here for your Free Printable!

If you’re in need of a last minute gift idea for someone special, this is definitely one you should do. It takes less than 20 minutes and they’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness 🙂


  1. These look so good and I love the polka dots on the printable! These will make such great Valentine’s gifts. It’s getting cold here again so they will be perfect. Thanks so much ladies, as always your ideas never fail to impress me 🙂 Hugs, CoCo

  2. Vicki and Jennifer, these are soooo stinkin CUTE!!! I love them. You girls are so creative and I lOVE the printable, the ribbons and the chevron spoons. I think anyone would love to receive these tasty gifts. DARLING!! XO Lisa

  3. Y’all come up with the cutest ideas!! Your brainstorming sessions must be FUN 🙂 These chocolate spoons and presentation ideas are darling. Well done 2 Bees, well done as always! Bwg ~~~

  4. Aw, I love these! What a lovely idea! Thank you for sharing! x

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