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Summer Pillow for the Front Porch

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An easy DIY, summer pillow for the front porch. It’s super cute too!

Friends, it is so good to be back! After dropping my laptop it needed to go to the repair shop for a couple of weeks. Now I’m back at work and able to show you my summer pillow for the front porch.


Recently, Honey Bee purged his closet. I honestly gasped out loud when I discovered how many neckties he had hidden away in there. It seemed like they weighed 100 pounds! Before he donated them, I grabbed a couple of them out to use the fabric for my pillow.

How to Make the Pillow

  1. Gather materials
  2. Using the fabric transfer paper, print in reverse your word or phrase. I simply printed “Hello”
  3. Following the directions of your paper, carefully iron-on the transfer. I wanted a weathered look, so I did not press down hard with the iron.
  4. Cut out a basic triangle shape from cardboard to serve as your pattern.
  5. Trace and cut the triangle pennant pieces from your scrap fabric.
  6. Use a pencil to draw your pennant line near the top of the pillow.
  7. Add glue to the backside of the fabric triangles and add them to the pencil line.
  8. Using decorative ribbon or trim, glue it down on top of the triangles. Let dry completely.

It only took me about 20 minutes to make this pillow. 

For the front porch I felt “Hello” was a perfect greeting. Also, these colors look patriotic and will be perfect for 4th of July decor. 

As I previously mentioned, we have had a complete front porch renovation. I pinky-swear promise to show it to you soon. We have just a couple of more tweaks before it is ready for its’ close-up.

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Have you ever made a decorative pillow? We would love to see it!

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