Ireland Trip

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Hey y’all!  As many of you know, I have a job in travel and my sole focus is planning trips to Ireland.  This also allows me the opportunity to travel to Ireland at least once a year.  I truly am working when I am there, but I get to see some pretty amazing sites.  And like mom always says, “You may be working, but you’re in Ireland!”  Very true 🙂

On my recent trip, the weather was great and we had some amazing, blue sky days.  Not to mention, the Irish are amazingly warm and friendly, the scenery is beautiful, and the food and special bevs aren’t too bad either!  I wanted to share with you some of my favorite sites I visited on my latest trip that were breathtaking.

Castle Leslie

Giants Causeway – the basalt columns are a natural phenomenon that no one can figure out, but provides some great folklore.

Giants Causeway

Dunluce Castle – I don’t know how anyone built this castle that is literally on the edge of the water, but it is very impressive.

Dunluce Castle

Dark Hedges…if you watch Game of Thrones you’ll know this site. And how the trees bend and canopy the road was so cool.

Dark Hedges

Slieve League Cliffs – This was my first time to visit this site and it was incredible!  Plus don’t you love the blooming heather on the cliff?

Slieve League

Moy River – I wish I had had time to go on a boat ride…or that I knew how to fly fish haha.

Mount Falcon

Galway – this is such a fun and vibrant city, especially the Latin Quarter!


This owl was too precious not to take a picture of…you know I love owls 🙂


And of course a trip to Ireland wouldn’t be complete without a whiskey tasting.  This is a lesser known distillery called Kilbeggan.


This was the sunrise on the day I was leaving…so tranquil and beautiful.  It’s hard to see the rays of sun in the picture coming down, but it was such an awesome way to wake up.


Thank you for letting me share my trip with you, as it was a great experience as always.  And don’t be mad, but I leave again next week to see more of Ireland. Mom is already pretty jealous and keeps threatening to show up at the airport for the flight, hahaha!  I wouldn’t put it past her, but we’ll see 🙂

XO – Jenn



  1. Lets plan an adventure here. And I can teach you to fly fish.

  2. We went to Ireland for our 20th wedding anniversary. We did the self drive tour and can’t wait to do it again someday! It was one of my favorite places in the world. They are so Kind and Welcoming. We also got to hit the Kilbeggen distillery as well. We got to experience the “angels share” and even bought some to have our share at home.
    What a great job you have!
    Loved seeing the Pictures.

    1. That’s so great Karin! The people there really do make the country even better. And I loved Kilbeggan…I wanted to take home the vintage bottles and crates they had haha. You’ll definitely need to go back!

  3. one of my fellow members of the WCBC just said she’s going to Ireland and looking for sites. I am putting this post on our secret facebook page, Thanks!

    1. I’m glad I could help! And if she has any questions she can definitely reach out to me too 🙂

  4. Wow the pictures are magnificent and look like they came out of a travel magazine. I’ve never been but it looks gorgeous. I love your mom’s quote too. have a great weekend, xo Lisa

    1. Thanks so much Lisa! You’ll have to add Ireland to your bucket list 🙂
      Have a great weekend!

  5. Wow! Amazing pictures and a beautiful land. I think Ireland definitely needs to be on my “Still to Do List!” But, don’t you need a couple of trusty assistants on these trips? Your mom and I make a good team, and we work for free!
    Thanks for letting us share your experiences in Ireland. Bambi

    1. It should definitely be on your list Bambi! And you & mom would definitely make a good team 🙂 Maybe next year lol!

  6. Jennifer these pictures are stunning! I’m so glad you had a great trip. You definitely have the best office view. Hugs, Coco

  7. Love your pics! Sounds like you have an awesome job : )

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