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How to Make Extra Large Moss Balls

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Today I will share with you how to make extra large moss balls.

If you have been cooped up inside your house due to winter weather, you might be experiencing signs of Spring Fever. Symptoms include, but are not limited to: wanting to be outside every day rather than inside, the need to be surrounded by bright light and sunshine and the craving to see beautiful flowers, greenery and plants. Personally, the last symptom is why I felt like I had to make extra large moss balls for my home.

Now, you know that I am joking a bit. Spring is definitely approaching if Punxsutawney Phil is to be believed. During these Winter months to make my home seem less drab and dreary I decorate with moss balls. We frequently get questions about them when people see them in person and online from one of our posts. If you follow us on Instagram (we hope you are) you may have noticed recent questions about our moss ball display in an antique dough bowl.

Sky High Prices

Jenn and I had no idea until that post how high the prices have skyrocketed for moss balls. A six-pack of 2″ balls is $7.99. Even mixed variety packs are upwards of $12.99. If you want anything above 6″ be prepared for sticker shock as prices that I found started at $10.99 each! Luckily for all of us, I came up with an easy, cheap solution.

It All Started at the Dollar Store

I ran into my local Dollar Tree store to see if anything new had been put onto the shelves. On this particular day, nothing new jumped out at me. As I walked down the so-called garden center aisle I spotted bags of reindeer moss. 

Reindeer moss isn’t like sheet moss or Spanish moss. It is like a preserved ground moss and more loose-based. What I liked about it was the bright green color.

Next, I looked for craft styrofoam balls. Dollar Tree did have them in stock, but they were only 1″ round. I was wanting something much more substantial in size. As I stood in the store I did a quick internet search for extra large styrofoam balls. Oh my word – when did they get so expensive? Prices for 8″ round styrofoam balls ranged from $9.99 to $34.99! 😳There is no way in this world I would pay any of those prices. So, I had to search the floor for another solution.

Toys are always a good idea

Rarely do I peruse the toy aisle in any store. When I am desperate I leave no stone, or aisle unturned. Let me tell you friends I am so happy that I did. Look at what I found:

This is an 8″ round squishy, styrofoam and plastic type ball. I just knew that it would make for the perfect base for the extra large moss ball. Plus, remember it was just $1.00.

Here’s the details that you have been waiting for on how to make an extra large moss ball for yourself!


  • 2 to 3 pkgs reindeer moss. Each package may be different.
  • 1 –  8″ round ball
  • hot glue gun with glue
  • drop cloth or protective workspace. The reindeer moss can get messy.

How to Make the DIY Moss Ball:

  1. Gather all of the above supplies
  2. Being very careful with the hot glue – start squirting it in patches onto the ball.
  3. Add clumps of reindeer moss onto the glue.
  4. Repeat this process all of the way around the ball.
  5. Look at the ball and fill in any gaps or bald spots.

Admire your masterpiece

For the grand total of just $3.00 I created a 10″ moss ball. After the moss was added to the ball it made the size increase by practically 2″.


Plus, this only took a few minutes to make.

Plans are already in the works to make a few more of these. Hopefully these materials are in your local Dollar Tree. I know that each store is different and this can sometimes be frustrating.

I know that I have had some crazy ideas, but they usually payoff in the end just like this one LOL. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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  1. You created such a pretty moss ball! The Dollar Tree is such a great store to get your creative juices flowing, right? The store, may not have every item I need to complete a project, but it has provided me a nice cost savings alternative for many of the items needed that would cost a whole lot more at craft and big box stores. I feel a trip to The Dollar Tree in my future, thank you for the great project idea ladies!

  2. This is bananas, you guys! It looks like a soccer ball on the before picture and the after picture is an elegant moss ball. We are shocked at how high the prices for things like moss balls and the materials to make them have gotten. It’s crazy! Love this one though and your creative idea. Hugs, CoCo

    1. CoCo – we just have to laugh at ourselves sometimes with our ideas. For the low price of just $3 we are willing to take the crazy chance LOL. Prices have escalated so much for moss and nature-inspired decor and we cannot figure out why. More than likely as with anything else, the more popular it is – the pricier it gets. And we just love coming up with solutions. Much love!

      Jenn and Vicki ~ The Bees

  3. Joy Gross says:

    What a great idea! Perfect! Thank you.

    1. Hi Joy!

      Thank you so very much! Sometimes our crazy ideas payoff! We appreciate you following along.

      Vicki and Jenn ~ The Bees

  4. I’ve been wanting to purchase moss balls, but hesitated because of the prices. I loved your idea so much I went to the dollar store for the supplies and made five. Thank you for another great idea!

    1. Sandy – this is fantastic! It is always our hope to inspire others. We would love it if you shared a photo(s) with us! Also, we appreciate you taking the time to write. More importantly we thank you for following! ❤️

      All the Best,
      Vicki and Jenn ~ The Bees

  5. This is pretty brilliant. I know what you mean—styrofoam has been out-of-sight for quite awhile. I personally think it is the requirement of making solar systems in schools—LOL….that pushed prices officially out of this world. Anyway…great ideas—I would even consider giving the ball some green paint or modge-podge some paper on it to give the moss something to really grab onto. Fun post!

  6. Florencia says:

    Wow it looked beautiful have gone to store looking for supplies. I want to make 3 of these beauties.
    Thanks for the tips. You are a blessing.

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