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White Painted Buffet – Banish the Orange

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White Painted Buffet – Banish the Orange

Whenever I’m on vacation, I love to visit local antique stores and thrift shops. Typically I find something that “I just have to have”.  For some reason, the prices always seem to be much better than my home area. Never mind that there may not be room in our vehicle. Remember my Florida vacation where I purchased Jenn’s dining room table and chairs? LOL. During a recent North Georgia mountain trip my friend Darlene and I made the pilgrimage to several shops. This is how the white painted buffet came to be.

How much is that buffet in the window?

I wasn’t looking for a buffet, let alone need a buffet. This piece kept calling to me. It had gorgeous details, sturdy build and the price was right. Surprisingly I resisted temptation and left this beauty in the antique shop. Back at our cabin, later that night, I gave myself a forehead smack. I realized that I could use this buffet as a new entertainment center in our living room!

The next morning Darlene and I headed back to town, with our hubbies in tow. Sure enough, the buffet was still there…but another couple were looking at it. After a momentary panic, the couple stepped away and I staked my claim.

After taking some rudimentary measurements, Honey Bee agreed that this would work as our entertainment center replacement.

As you can see, the top is very beaten and weathered. Not to mention how very orange the oak finish has become.

This lovely medallion is what really makes the piece.

You can read our step-by-step furniture painting guide HERE. 

Time to Clean

Cleaning a piece of furniture is key to painting success. There are years worth of built-up dirt, grime, grease, wear and tear. For this project I used new-to-me products. The Prep is a wonderful, mild cleaning agent.

This is after just one swipe of half of the buffet top! Yuck!

Next, it was time to paint. Being that the buffet is old, dry and neglected the surface just soaked up the paint.

It took three coats to achieve full coverage. Definitely worth the extra effort.

Wanting a bit of an updated look, I replaced the two drawer knobs for these beautiful glass knobs from my stash.

Right now this beauty is sitting under our living room window.

I need to borrow a hole-cutter drill bit to make way for cables and cords. This is going to be amazing as an entertainment center. The middle cabinet is very spacious for our DVR and cable box. The side cabinets will hold other equipment and DVD’s that we just can’t let go of. Not to mention that the drawers can hold remote controls. All of the pieces housed in one easy location!

I hope that you liked this painted furniture project. You can see our other painted furniture pieces by clicking the link below!

Remember to visit antique and thrift shops while on vacation. You never know what you’ll find!

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  1. Darlene Marlow says:

    Beautifully transformed! I had so much fun with you searching for this one of a kind peice. Your vision of what it will become always amazes me 🙂

  2. I love it! I will also paint anything to give it new life.

  3. Such a beautiful transformation ladies! It looks like a brand new piece. I love the details. They’re really pretty. Hugs, CoCo

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