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Favorite Things Gift Guide – Christmas Gift Ideas and $120 Giveaway

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Welcome to our Favorite Things Gift Guide for 2018. This post is loaded with Christmas gift ideas for you and those near and dear. The best part is that we are offering a $120 giveaway to one of you lucky readers!

Each year we look forward to Our Favorite Things Gift Guide post. It’s our chance to share with you items and products that we own, love and truly believe in. This year we have teamed up with some of our blogging friends, so you will get to see their favorites too! We thank our friend Kim of Knock It Off Kim for organizing our hop today.

Additionally, our wonderful friends of French Knot have offered an early Christmas gift to one of our lucky readers! At the end of this post you can enter for your chance(s) to win a $120 gift card to French Knot’s online store!

What is French Knot? Let us tell you…French Knot sells beautifully made hand-knit products such as hats, hand warmers and headbands. They work hand-in-hand with over 1000 women artisans in Nepal to skillfully hand-knit products using fair trade principles. How great is that? Just take a look at a few of the lovelies they have to offer. Click any photo or link to take you to their site. If you see something that you like you, French Knot is also offering our readers a 20% discount on your entire order. Just use the code: GIFTGUIDE

Take a look at these beauties!

French Knot Hat Collection

French Knot Hand Warmers

Eyelet Lace Hat

Wasn’t kidding when we said gorgeous! Remember to head to the $120 giveaway at the bottom of this post.You can shop their online store for yourself or a lucky family member of friend.

Kitchen Assistance

We don’t want to say that the Instant Pot was life altering, but it has definitely made our lives so much easier in the kitchen! Delicious meals are ready within minutes!

One of us is in desperate need of a new coffeemaker! After much research, this Cuisinart Coffeemaker is the one we are purchasing. Love that it makes 14 cups of coffee instead of the standard 12. It also has extra brewing strength selections and temperature controls.

One of our most fun gift suggestions is the HP Sprocket Printer. It prints out sticky backed photos that you can place in books or on inspiration boards. The photos can be printed straight from your social media sites, or scanned directly to the printer. We caution you – this can become an addicting hobby 🙂

Anything that can make our home life easier is definitely a winner. Roomba 677 runs off WiFi and cleans wood floors, carpeting and other flooring all by itself. Now, if it could only make our beds!

Let’s Make Plans

We can personally vouch for The Happy Planner. If we could have created a planner, it would look exactly like this! We are both visual people and The Happy Planners are chockfull of creative ways to personalize your individual planners. You can purchase extra sticker pads that offer seasonal pizazz. This is a winner!

Now, we aren’t promoting sneaking wine into any venue 🙂 One of our faves is this Red Thermal Wine Clutch. It’s super cute and looks just like a handbag! It comes with a wine opener too.

Our entire family is crazy for Yeti. These fab stainless steel tumblers keep your drinks icy cold or super hot. They cost a bit extra than knockoffs, but definitely worth it! We each have this Yeti 30 ounce Tumbler. They come in a variety of colors – navy being our fave!

Who doesn’t love a farmhouse cutting board? This one is an ash beauty!

For about the past 10 years now these tasty French Croissants from Williams-Sonoma have been part of our Christmas morning tradition. They will arrive at your home flash-frozen in the raw form. You only take the amount you want to bake the night before and leave them to thaw and rise. In the morning you bake them for 15 minutes. You will have large, flakey and buttery croissants. We highly recommend these for your family!

Looking Good

Absolutely loving this Striped Cape Scarf by J. Crew! We may have a slight obsession with over sized scarves and capes, but you can never have too many, right?

J. Crew Scarf

Anything made by Madewell and we are sold! We love the style in that store and the quality. We’re especially in love with this medium sized tote bag in English Saddle. It’s the perfect everyday bag.

English Saddle Tote Bag by Madewell

We’ve just started using this Estee Lauder eye cream and we are obsessed. It’s literally only been a few weeks and we’re already seeing results. What’s not to like about that?!

Estee Lauder Eye Cream



NOW, HERE’S WHERE THE FUN REALLY BEGINS! Enter the $120 giveaway to French Knot NOW!


  • No purchase necessary!
  • Leave us a blog comment telling us what your favorite French Knot product is.
  • Fill out the Raffle Copter entry, below.
  • This giveaway is for a $120 gift card for the French Knot online shop, provided by French Knot.
  • Entries  will be collected until 11:59 PM EST Monday November 26th, 2018.
  • Only available to residents in the US.
  • We would love for you to subscribe to 2 Bees in a Pod – but it is totally not necessary to be eligible to win. If you are already a subscriber THANK YOU!

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  1. Audrey Stewart says:

    I loved so many things! I really loved the hand warmers and they had some really cute dolls

    1. We could not agree with you more, Audrey! It seems everything on their site is so cute. Those dolls that you like are adorable!

      Thanks so much for entering. Best wishes!

      Vicki and Jenn ~ 2 Bees

    1. Hi Audrey – yes, we have received your comment for the French Knot Giveaway. Thank you so much for entering!

  2. Kim Henrichs says:

    I LOVE the long stripe hand warmers in the minty color!!

  3. So many cute items! I can’t pick just one. Makes me want to pick up my knitting needles though!!

  4. Thank you so much for hosting this wonderful giveaway! Oh my, such treats from French Knot; I especially like their fingerless hand warmers. They’re pretty, useful, and add a whimsical twist.

  5. What a wonderful giveaway, thank you! I especially liked the fingerless hand warmers from French Knot, pretty, useful and whimsical. Their site is a treat for the soul.

  6. manda shank says:

    Everything is adorable! Love the Thea headband.

  7. Oh my gosh, thank you for introducing me to French Knot! Their stuff is ADORABLE!! Living in Chicago I definitely need a wide variety of cute gear. I’m going to check out their site after this! Also, I LOVE that Sprocket printer you posted. That looks like so much fun!!! Thanks for sharing the good ideas and for the giveaway, too!!

  8. Vicki and Jen, I might love every single thing on your list! The hats from French Knot are so beautiful! My favorite is definitely the white leopard print with a felt flower.. so cute! Thanks so much for joining me today – Love you ladies! Happy Holidays!

  9. Kathy Beemer says:

    Love.love.love the French Knot Hand Warmers

  10. Thank you for bringing French Knot to our attention. The dolls and animals are amazing and affordable. Lots of detail obviously goes into their work.

  11. My fav is the itty bitty printer. I just added it to my list for Santa, thank you all for the wonderful ideas and project instructions! Vicki I still remember color guard. Ya’ll have a wonderful thanksgiving, and thanks to French knot for the sponsorship.🎶

  12. Robin Bonvino says:

    WOW! What’s not to love, each and every item is just beautiful. I love the Cable Braids Headbands and the Embroidered Hand Warmers. They are all so lovely.

  13. Such a great collection of gift ideas! All of the items from French Knot are so pretty – especially the stripe hand warmers!

  14. How gorgeous are those French Knot products?! I think the hand warmers are my favorite but I want everything on their website!

  15. Those hand warmers are gorgeous, and the eyelet lace hat is beautiful too!

  16. I really love the hats!! It’s always so hard to find cute hats these days, but theses are so adorable!!!

  17. You ladies have some wonderful gift ideas. I love the French knot items and my favorite is the flower crown headband in the gray color. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas!

  18. L. bryant says:

    My daughter and I both enjoyed looking at the French knot product line. We agreed to disagree on what we like. I like the their more classic looks and she thought that the hats were “really her style” Thanks for the opportunity to enter

  19. L. Bryant says:

    My daughter and I really enjoyed looking at the products offered. I like their more classic look while my daughter said “they have hats that are just her taste.” thanks for the opportunity to enter

  20. This is GORGEOUS!! Love, love, love the colors! btw love your french knot and hand warmers 😀 Can’t wait to give this to my kids

  21. Loved the handwarmers! So cute!

  22. Adrienne Scanlon says:

    I am loving the Rose bud mittens!!

  23. I love the hand warmers!

  24. There are so many things on this list I need ladies! #1 being the eye lift cream ha ha. I seriously need to check that out. I also love the Madewell tote, such a classic and PLEASE tell me you have tips for the Instapot because we’ve had one for a while now and I still don’t get it. Help a girl out, ok? Hugs, CoCo

  25. So many wonderful gift ideas! I plan to order the croissants for Christmas. I can’t believe I didn’t know about these before! I’m with you on the instant pot. It has been a game changer for sure! Thank you for the inspiration. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

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