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Create Vignettes with Thrifted Finds

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Create Vignettes with Thrifted Finds

Welcome to the first installment from our Thrifty Style Team for 2023! This is the place where we get together with our talented and creative blogger friends the second Friday of every month. We each display, makeover, repurpose or transform something from our homes or thrift stores. A giant thank you to our friend Julie of Redhead Can Decorate for coordinating this wonderful group! I am sharing ideas to Create Vignettes with Thrifted Finds.

Items that I use in my thrifty home decor vignettes come from a variety of places, but primarily from thrift stores.

What is a vignette?

“In interior design, a “vignette” refers to a small grouping of decorative objects, which can make a beautiful personal statement in a room. The purpose of a vignette is two-fold: to create an eye-catching pop of interest, and to showcase your favorite treasures.”

One of the easiest ways to add designer style to your home is by adding vignettes. A vignette is arranging objects into groupings on tabletops, dressers or shelves. These pretty groupings are the perfect way to showcase your style and creativity.

You can see lots of ideas for vignettes by clicking HERE.

What to use in a vignette?

When I am creating vignettes I typically have a common thread. Books, moss balls, glass or metal. Textured items add interest to your display. We love using  shiny, flat and colorful items in our vignettes as well.

Trash to Treasure Table Makeover with Amy Howard One Step Paint

Shop your house

Walk around your house and select items that you think you might want to use in a vignette. Think of items that are seasonal, personal, have texture and color.

Books are perfect because they can be used in a few ways.

  • Gathering books with the same color cover
  • Pages facing out to add interest
  • Using for height

This vignette uses lots of thrift store goodness. A yarn spool, flower frog, wooden thread spools, vintage binocular with weathered leather case. Paired together, they look great! The binoculars were $5 from an antique shop. I fell in love with the leather case, but the binoculars are just as beautiful.

Vintage silver sugar bowls are so pretty. The bowls in my collection were only $1 or $2 dollars each. You can add moss balls, votive candles, succulents or stones.

Sitting Room Makeover
French Lazy Susan Vignette - Coffee Table Display

Grouping items of the same color creates an instant collection. These thrifty items are all white and create an instant home decor statement.

Now let’s see what the other creative team members have created!

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