How to Paint a Rug Using Linoleum Flooring

how to paint a rug using linoleum flooring. Blog - Painted Vinyl Floor Mat

How to Paint a Rug Using Linoleum Flooring Did y'all have a good holiday weekend? As I sit and write this post and reminisce about the extended time off, I am amazed by all of the fun that we crammed into just a few short days. Rest and relaxation were much needed in our household and we are happy to proclaim that we are overachievers! Boating on the lake, lounging at the community pool, happy hours and dinners with friends. Laughter and ... read more

4 Warning Signs of Your Health – Don’t Ignore Them

4 Warning Signs of Your Health - Don't Ignore Them

 4 Warning Signs of Your Health - Don't Ignore Them. Trust me, I know. Last week I turned the page of my paper calendar to the new month of June and discovered that all of the little dated squares were blank. I mean totally blank as in nothing was written down. No birthday’s were recorded, no blog post ideas mentioned, no special dinner dates reserved - nothing …just blank. Talk about a panic inducing moment! What had I missed? What had I ... read more

Memorial Day – A Memory and Some Recipes


It is so hard for me to fathom that this is already Memorial Day weekend. It seems like just last week we were talking about bunnies, spring and easter eggs. Time is marching on at a pace quicker than I would like, probably because I can't seem to keep up :) Plus the fact I about choked on my gum this week. I ran into the craft store for the first time in six months! I know, it's a personal record that I haven't been there in so very long. ... read more

Flatware Box Makeover – Thrift Store Upcycle Challenge

Flatware Box Makeover. Painted silverware box.

It's time for our monthly challenge of the Thrift Store Upcycle! This month we really lucked out at our local Goodwill. We found a silverware cutlery box for a mere .75 cents! Follow along below and see our wooden flatware box makeover. Don't forget to see all of the other fabulous creativity in the links below! The Rules: Upcycle an item(s) from a thrift store, resale store, or garage sale into a new piece of decor. There's no ... read more

Summer Vintage Nautical Mantel Decor

Summer mantel decor Summer Vintage Nautical Mantel Decor. Ceramic fish garland.

Summer Mantel Decor Holy moly…can you believe that we are talking about summer?! Friday marks the last day of school for summer break for my nieces and nephews - it just doesn’t seem possible. In our part of the country Memorial Weekend is the official kickoff to summer. We have a lot planned so stay tuned! First up - summer mantel decor. You know my life has been a bit crazy as of late, so my home has been a tad neglected. I’m embarrassed to ... read more