How to Paint and Distress Mason Jars

How to Paint and Distress Mason Jars

Have you ever painted mason jars? Several years ago I painted about 25 jars for a baby shower centerpiece. They were so pretty in hues of yellow and turquoise - and then guests got to take one home with them. Another time I painted mason jars in red, white and blue for a 4th of July party. I had forgotten all about them until recently when a friend asked if I knew how to paint mason jars. I thought maybe you would like to know too. Here's how to ... read more

How to Make a Watercolor Wreath – Easy and Fun

How to Make a Watercolor Wreath - Easy and Fun

Today's post is all about how to make a watercolor wreath. Now, please do not let this scare you off. I promise and pinky-heart-swear that I have never been an artist. Other than painting walls and furniture I had never put an artists paint brush to canvas or paper. A little over a year ago I wanted to recreate a watercolor feather that I had fallen in love with. Lo and behold I watched a tutorial and I was able to paint it all by myself. Feeling ... read more

Farmhouse Tiered Bowl – Thrift Store Upcycle

Farmhouse Tiered Bowl. Vintage aqua Bottles.

Thrift shopping is one of our favorite things to do. We love the moment when we walk up and down the aisles of the thrift store and make an unexpected discovery. The thrill of the hunt is so exciting - but even more than that is the thrill of coming up with ideas for our discoveries. You know how it goes..."this piece is cool", "wow...what can we do with this?" Each of our homes have thrift store upcycle decor. That's how we came up with today's ... read more

Chalk Paint Class – Before and After Projects

Chalk Paint Class - Before and After Projects

2 Bees in a Pod just hosted our very first chalk paint class! For years, folks have been begging asking us to teach classes so we finally took the plunge. We hosted five super-fun guests who were eager to learn everything they needed to know about chalk paint. Each participant was asked to bring a small project that they wanted to transform with chalk paint. One disclaimer - it is almost impossible to teach class and take quality photos at the ... read more

Book Page Magnolia Wreath

Book Page Magnolia Wreath

If you have been following our blog for any length of time, you probably know that we love book page projects. Past creations using book pages are Book Page 2 Minute Quick Print Art Quote,  Decorative Birdhouse and Paper Roses using Vintage Book Pages. These projects are all very easy to do and are relatively quick to complete. I have been wanting to make a book page magnolia wreath for some time now. On a recent gloomy, rainy day it seemed like ... read more