Small Laundry Room Ideas – Room by Room Summer Series

Small laundry room ideas. Add personality to a small closet space.

Out of all of the room makeovers and projects that Jenn and I have done over the years, there is one in particular that we are very proud of. Her former home was an adorable 1930's cottage loaded with vintage charm. So vintage in fact the house didn't have an indoor laundry space. All previous owners took their laundry out the front door, down a little hill by the driveway to a dark and dank crawl space. Can you imagine? You can see what that ... read more

DIY Wooden Farmhouse Compass

Repurposed wooden compass

Hope y'all had a great weekend! It definitely went by way too fast and sadly can't believe Monday is already here again. We went to Augusta and found some great thrifted deals! If you follow us on Instagram, you may have seen our InstaStories with all our great finds. It was a wonderful day!  Last week I shared with y'all my Farmhouse Back Door Entry and I said that I would be providing more details this week of one of the items on my little ... read more

Weathered Wood Farmhouse Caddy – Make New Look Old

Rustic farmhouse centerpice. Weathered Wood Farmhouse Caddy - Make New Look Old

One of my most favorite things to do is to make something that is new, look vintage. If I can't own the real deal, this is the next best option for me. Before I share with you how I created a weathered wood farmhouse caddy - can I tell you what happened to us last night? We were awakened in the middle of the night by a really loud noise. You know, the kind of noise that makes you sit straight up in bed? In our delirium we couldn't figure out ... read more

12 DIY Garden Ideas – DIY Housewives Series

DIY garden ideas. Etched bottles become self watering garden bottles.

Welcome to our monthly installment of our DIY Housewives Series! This month we are super excited because our theme is all about DIY garden ideas. If you already follow us – we are so happy to see you. Perhaps you are new to 2 Bees in a Pod – so glad that you have joined us. Each month we showcase our DIY talents and follow a particular theme to highlight a past project. The added bonus for you is that you get to view 11 other fabulous DIY ... read more

8 Ideas For a Spa Like Bathroom

8 Ideas For a Spa Like Bathroom Have you ever treated yourself to a spa day? Better yet, has someone else gifted you a spa treatment of some kind? Personally these are some of my favorite gifts to receive. Whether it be for a heated stone massage, a healing back massage or some other type of pampering - I am always appreciative of my experience. The first thing that I am usually impressed by upon arrival at a spa is the overall mood. Serene, ... read more