Wicker Demijohn Bottles – Thrifty Style Team


We are firm and staunch believers that thrifty style does not mean  you have to scrimp on design or home decor taste. It doesn't even mean that these items necessarily have to come from a thrift store either. So what is thrift style? For us it means finding items that we love for a great price. Take for example our wicker demijohn bottles. Each bottle came from a different place. Collectively in a vignette they make a beautiful display. 2 Bees ... read more

Chalk Painted Headboard – Cottage Style

Chalk Painted Headboard - Cottage Style.

Do you ever think that a project is going to be way easier than it actually turned out to be? Well my friends that was the case with this chalk painted headboard. I lost count of how many times I almost quit trying and just threw my hands up in frustration. Nothing seemed to be working in my favor. Well...I'm not a quitter! It rained for five straight days in a row. Painting a headboard requires a large space to work in and I don't have that ... read more

Lavender Dryer Sachets – Smells so Good

Lavender Dryer Sachets - Smells so Good

Lavender Dryer Sachets - your laundry never smelled so good! Whew, we made it to Friday friends! This has been a rough week for me...all because Mother Nature and the Weather God's weren't cooperating. It never seems to fail. Whenever I have a million projects that require bright sunshiny days it's like my Law of Attraction is broken. This week I needed to paint two large pieces of furniture outdoors because they are too big to paint inside the ... read more

12 Perfect Picnic Ideas – DIY Housewives Series

Caprese Pasta Salad - Perfect Summertime Recipe. Wonderful side dish or main dish.

We are still having a hard time wrapping our brains around that fact that summer has officially arrived. Even though some days it is hotter than blue blazes and we have drank our weight in sweet tea, it still doesn't seem possible. Today our monthly DIY Housewives Series is a bit different than our normal monthly challenges. You are in for a treat because we are sharing 12 perfect picnic ideas. If you're not familiar with the series - ... read more

How to Easily Turn Your Photos Into Watercolor Paintings

How to Easily Turn Your Photos Into Watercolor Paintings

How to Easily Turn Your Photos Into Watercolor Paintings Do you notice when there is chaos in one part of your life it spills over into pretty much everything else in your life? No, is it just me? Gosh y'all - I hope I am not alone. For me it truly starts with just one thing that can derail my normally clean home, organized calendar or structured business day. Each and every day it becomes more and more apparent to me that I need to stick with a ... read more