1905 Salad…Columbia Restaurant, St. Augustine, Florida

Last Thursday I wrote about one of my favorite cities to visit...St. Augustine, Florida .  I also mentioned my favorite restaurant, Columbia Restaurant.  We make sure to eat here each time we visit St. Augustine.  When I said that sometimes it's more than one visit - I wasn't kidding :)  We have also visited their other restaurant locations in Florida - love it! This family restaurant has been in business for more than 100 years in their ... read more

Pocket Board Craft…

This past weekend I was sitting outside on the deck enjoying our beautiful Fall weather.  I am so grateful for cooler weather, slight breezes and clear blue skies.  Anyway, I was cruising magazines online and looking for a new craft project.  I stumbled upon a Better Homes and Gardens article. To be honest, I don't even know if this is a current article or an old one - I didn't see a date.  When I saw their "storage board" craft I was intrigued ... read more

Paper Towel Holder

I was recently in the cute town of Eatonton, Georgia near Lake Oconee, doing some antique shopping with my mom.  We stumbled across an antique/auction store and we knew we were bound to find some treasures and boy did I!  I found this shelf for only $3...it was a deal I couldn't pass up. At first I wasn't quite sure what to do with it, but then it hit me!  I have no paper towel holder for my kitchen and this would make a cute ... read more

Wish I were here…St. Augustine, Florida

A few weeks ago we were fortunate to travel to the Sunshine State and visit St. Augustine.  This is one of our favorite travel destinations and we try to get here at least once a year if not more.  The sandy white beaches are beautiful and the area is fun to visit.  We never run out of things to do or see - except time.  St. Augustine is also rich with history as being the first city discovered when Juan Ponce de Leon set foot on this unclaimed ... read more

Grandma Shirlie’s Monster Cookies

With Halloween upon us, it is time to make one of my favorite treats from Grandma Shirlie...Monster Cookies.  Not only does the name scream Halloween, it is also delicious.  How could you not like a cookie that has peanut butter, chocolate chips, oatmeal, and M&M's? First step is to mix the sugar and butter together... Then you add an egg and mix this in... Next comes the fun part of adding the oats, peanut butter, ... read more