Joy Table Runner for the Christmas Table…

Hey there...just a quick post today as I am feverishly working on final Christmas decor touches in my dining room. Thank goodness the rest of the house is done!  This year, I have decided to go with a rustic touch in my decorations.  I am showing you a sneak peek of my DIY table runner project.  You can read the full post on Friday.  :) In the dining room, I am using natural elements like branches, berries, pinecones and greenery.  The main ... read more

Easy to Sew – Christmas Dog Collar…

I have to tell you...I think that my dog, Starbuck, is the cutest dog in the world!  He is sweet, loving and likes to wear sweaters, clothing and collars.  I would not dress him otherwise - I promise. I have family and friends that have dogs and I started thinking about what gifts I could make for their loved pets.  I wanted to make something that was easy and festive and I created these cute Christmas dog collars.  They were very easy to sew ... read more

Peppery Peanuts…Perfect Holiday Gift and Treat

We are always looking for new and fun gifts to give friends, neighbors and coworkers.  We especially love when these gifts are food items that can be enjoyed by the receiver. This recipe for Peppery Peanuts is that perfect savory gift. This recipe is shared with us courtesy of our wonderful family friend, Laura Mullinax.  We have made these peanuts many times over the years.  No one has ever been disappointed. Thanks for sharing this tasty ... read more

Our Christmas Mantels…

Today we are each going to share our Christmas mantle decor... Jennifer's Mantle: Normally for my Christmas mantel decor I include greenery and my Santa collection, which is not nearly as big as my mother's, but very sentimental as they were given to me by my grandma.  This year I still wanted to use these elements, but I wanted to incorporate some more rustic items as well.  I was just ready to do something new :) I thought that these ... read more

Buffalo Chicken Wrap…Quick Dinner Recipe for the Holidays – and it’s Weight Watcher Friendly

The holiday season is fast upon us and I'm already feeling overwhelmed.  Being that I have been sick since the last week of October, I am definitely playing catch up with decorating, shopping and, well...everything. At this time of year I like to have quick-supper items on hand to make my life a bit easier.  Weight Watchers makes it easy to maintain and still lose weight during the holidays. I recently experimented with a recipe because I was ... read more