Little House in Atlanta Part 2

Kitchen remodel

Welcome to Part 2 of our Little House in Atlanta.  If you missed part one, you can catch-up here  - Little House in Atlanta - Part 1 After renovating our Living Room, we tackled the Kitchen, which was a much more in-depth project.  When we first looked at the home we knew the kitchen had to go.  The layout was bad and wasted what could potentially be more counter space, not to mention the cabinets were hideous (I apologize if you have these ... read more

The Bees Knees…


Initially I was drawn to this cocktail for obvious reasons - because of its name... Bees Knees.   The Bees Knees cocktail originated in the days of Prohibition.  The phrase "Bees Knees" was slang during this era for "the best" or "height of excellence".  Bathtub gin was usually a concoction of inferior alcohol and grain alcohol mixed together - nothing short of gasoline.  As you can imagine this could pack quite a wallop. There are a couple of ... read more

Aloe is too big for her britches…

This aloe plant has seriously outgrown her current home.  It is time to re-pot  and move into larger digs. I selected a pot that had drainage holes, and was rather large.  This will allow enough room as the plant grows and the roots won't be crowded. I am not a plant expert - just a lover of plants that are easily cared for.  This is what I did, following left to right: Loosened the root base from the old pot. This particular ... read more

Let there be light…

Brass lamp makeover

My husband and I were out running errands as we drove by Goodwill. I begged like a child to please, please, please stop and go in. John is a good sport but he has his limitations. I was peppered with questions in rapid fire succession- Do we have to go today?               YES! What are you looking for?            I'll know it when I see it. How long will this take?               Oh, not long :) He relented - I told you he was a good ... read more

Little House in Atlanta Part 1

Living Room - after

I recently purchased a little cottage in Ormewood Park of Atlanta and although we got a fairly decent deal for it, the home needed some work.  The first room we worked on was the Living Room, thinking it would be the lesser of two evils. As you can see, the walls were a mustard yellow, which just had to go, but we were lucky with the fact that this room had great bones.  It had crown moulding, a fireplace, hardwood floors, and a built ... read more