Vanity Bench Makeover Chalk Painted in Pure White

2 Bees in a Pod. Vanity bench makeover with pure white chalk paint

I have a secret. Not a deep dark one or anything like that - just an embarrassing one. Ever since Honey Bee and I downsized to a smaller home last year, we haven't been able to park our vehicles in our garage. Why? Well, the garage is full of boxes, crap and stuff that had no space inside the house and were relegated to the garage. While I know that it is ridiculous to hold onto so much "stuff" and I am certain our neighbors and friends talk ... read more

Painted Wing Chair and Update

Winter Home Tour. Painted wing chair.

When I decided to paint this wing chair, Honey Bee thought that I had lost my mind. He is always very supportive of my crazy design and decor ideas, but this is one project that he thought wasn't going to end well. So, I am here to tell you that this painted wing chair looks beautiful and Honey Bee had to eat his words :) This project is the second most popular post of all time for 2 Bees. We get asked a lot of questions and I hope to address ... read more

Winter Home Tour – 12 Inspiring Homes

Winter Home Tour

We were so excited when we were asked to be a part of this winter home tour blog hop. Y'all know how much we love this season. Infusing our homes with warm and cozy elements is important to us. A big thank you to Amy of My Life From Home for organizing this tour. When the clutter of the holidays is stored and packed away the house can seem cold and barren. It's the perfect time to start with a clean slate...add some color, candlelight and ... read more

Winter Mantel Decor ~ Using White and Green

Winter Mantel Decor ~ Using White and Green

Once all of the holiday decor is taken down and put away, I love to focus on decorating my home for Winter. It's kind of like being given a clean slate and I am able to start out fresh and new. This is my first Winter season spent in this house and I want everything to look bright and fresh. Here is how I created my Winter mantel decor using white and green. The first thing that I did was remove everything from the mantel. After a month of ... read more

DIY Vintage Wooden Spool Decor

DIY Vintage Wooden Spool Decor

Before I discuss this DIY vintage wooden spool project, can we talk about our weather for just a second? I know that some of you think that Jenn and I are crazy for loving cold weather and snow, but we do. All week long the weather reports and meteorologists touted details of all of the snowfall in the Atlanta area. Jenn and I were in a frenzy of excitement as the experts promised "record snowfall", "Snowmageddon Part 2", and "snowpocolypse" ... read more