Spring Green Mantel – Home with Decor

Spring Green Mantel Decor

Each year as the spring season arrives we are giddy with delight. Spring signals new growth, new beginnings and fresh starts. Even though in our region of the world the temps have dipped again and our trees are barren - there are definite signs that Spring is happening. Birds are happily making their nests, pollen from the conifer pines is present on our patio furniture, azaleas and dogwoods are in full bloom and the leaves of flowering bulbs ... read more

Painted Picture Frame Wreath – Thrift Store Upcycle

2 Bees in a Pod. Painted Picture Frame Wreath. Thrift Store Upcycle. Picture Frame Wreath for the Front Door.

We are so excited to be back with our monthly installment for the Thrift Store Upcycle Challenge series! Even more exciting is that we created this painted picture frame wreath for the front door. But wait...we are getting ahead of ourselves. If you are a regular follower...thank you! If you are a new visitor, we are so glad that you are here. This series is where we take a thrift store item and upcycle it into a new decor item. Here's how ... read more

Spring Book Page Art

Spring book page art printed on vintage book page

Spring Fever is a real phenomenon. Personally I sense the excitement of the season in the air. The days are a bit warmer with crystal blue skies. I feel drawn to my local garden center, like a beacon harkening me to purchase flowering shrubs - and I don't even have a yard. My wardrobe selections want to be lighter and colorful. My mood is lightened as I dance along the cleaning aisle of the grocery store just itching to begin Spring cleaning. ... read more

DIY Etched Plant Water Bottle

DIY Etched Plant Water Bottle

Hey y'all...so excited to see you! Today promises to bring you some wonderful creativity and out-of-the-box imagination decor. Our sweet friend Kim of Hunt & Host is so clever. She came up with the idea of bringing items from Grocery Store to Gorgeous and she invited us and other blogging friends to play along! The idea is that we each take something that we have already purchased at the grocery store and have in our pantry. We then take this ... read more

Spring Fling Home Tour

Spring Fling Home Tour

Hey y'all...I'm so glad that you're here today. I've been working on the house - banishing the Winter blues and bringing in Springtime freshness. It's amazing how much my mood is lifted too! The house looks great and smells so fragrant. Stephanie of Casa Watkins created a Spring Fling Home Tour for 20 bloggers. We each get to showcase our Spring home decor and style. Today is all about traditional decor. We are excited to participate and show ... read more