Skinny Margarita Recipe

Skinny Margarita TGIF friends! Are you looking forward to the weekend as much as I am? Honestly I think I say that every week. The difference today is that by the time y'all read this I will hopefully be on a sunny Florida beach, reading a good book and sipping a special bev. Honey Bee and I are mixing a bit of business and pleasure for an extended weekend stay. Hopefully I will have lots of pics to share here on the blog and on ... read more

Wire Spool DIY Coffee Table

Spool, spool and more spools. I wasn't kidding when I stated last week that I had other spool projects dancing around in my head. Last week I shared with y'all how I turned a small wire spool into a plant stand table.  Today is all about how I dismantled this large one to create a wire spool DIY coffee table for the front porch. Thanks again to our sweet friends Scott and Darlene for procuring and delivering these fabulous spools! The ... read more

Citronella Candles in Mini Clay Pots

Citronella Candles in Mini Clay Pots Our weather has been absolutely beautiful for the past couple of weeks. With the exception of a rainy day - this has been perfect Springtime weather. I have been working a lot on my front porch and have changed everything around quite a bit. The pollen and dirt have been banished. New chairs and a colorful  rug have been added. I'm making a coffee table and looking for heat-surviving plants. I can't wait to ... read more

End Table Spring Refresh

In the past two weeks, I have gotten the Spring fever bug! The weather has been gorgeous here on the weekends, which is giving me the motivation to not only do some Spring cleaning, but also to refresh some of my home decor, like this end table. We got this industrial spool table from Kara's parents and it has been a staple in our living room for the past 5 years. I again am doing everything on a budget and did not buy anything new for my end ... read more

Easter Table Settings – Casual Place Setting

Easter Table Settings - Casual Place Setting Happy April everyone! Time is definitely marching on at a pace that is a bit too quick for me. Easter is less than two short weeks away - can you believe it? Recently my thoughts have turned to this holiday and how I will be celebrating it. Our family is a bit scattered now - we live in different cities, and dad will remain in the hospital for the next several weeks. I am craving a small, quiet ... read more