4th of July Place Settings – Mother/Daughter Bloggers

4th of July Place Setting

4th of July Place Settings Happy Monday friends! Are you gearing up for any big 4th of July holiday festivities? We thought it might be fun to showcase our mother/daughter decor and see how different or similar our style really is. 2 Bees in a Pod will be showcasing 4th of July place settings - one in Vicki's (mother) and one in Jenn's (daughter) style. We are pairing up with another mother/daughter team - Janette and Jordan of The 2 Seasons. ... read more

Summer Front Porch Tour and Garden Hop


Summer Front Porch Tour and Garden Hop There is something about home tours that energizes and excites me. It's a chance to start with a clean slate, a new season, and a fresh look. Even though this is an outdoor tour I have changed things up quite a bit since last years tour. Having lived here at the lake full time for an entire year now, I realized that the old patio set-up just wasn't working for our lifestyle. We needed more space to ... read more

Plastic Bucket Transformation with Decoupage Peonies – Zero Dollar Challenge

Plastic Bucket Transformation with Decoupage Peonies

Plastic Bucket Transformation with Decoupage Peonies Welcome back to another installment of the Zero Dollar DIY Challenge. Every other month we create projects that cost no new money. This month I have to thank Honey Bee for my inspiration...and to divulge a secret about him. Well, it's not really a secret to everyone that knows and loves him. He has a GIANT sweet tooth. He just can't help himself - cookies, cakes, candy and bubble ... read more

Wicker Demijohn Bottles – Thrifty Style Team


We are firm and staunch believers that thrifty style does not mean  you have to scrimp on design or home decor taste. It doesn't even mean that these items necessarily have to come from a thrift store either. So what is thrift style? For us it means finding items that we love for a great price. Take for example our wicker demijohn bottles. Each bottle came from a different place. Collectively in a vignette they make a beautiful display. 2 Bees ... read more

Chalk Painted Headboard – Cottage Style

Chalk Painted Headboard - Cottage Style.

Do you ever think that a project is going to be way easier than it actually turned out to be? Well my friends that was the case with this chalk painted headboard. I lost count of how many times I almost quit trying and just threw my hands up in frustration. Nothing seemed to be working in my favor. Well...I'm not a quitter! It rained for five straight days in a row. Painting a headboard requires a large space to work in and I don't have that ... read more