Painted Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

We have been busy working on new projects for the new house, which has been so much fun!  Painting furniture and decorating.  I'll be honest that it seems like we have so much left to do, but we're hoping to make a big dent this weekend in the house.  We have a great deck, which I had grandiose ideas for what we were going to do with this fun space.  I had envisioned making it almost an extension of the kitchen, where it would be an outdoor ... read more

Jenn’s front Porch

We are starting to get more settled into the new home, which I am loving by the way!  We're changing up most of the decor in the home, so it's been fun picking out new fabrics, rugs, etc. Although we have a lot to do on the interior of the home, I decided the best place to start with the new decor was the front porch. I mean I can't have the neighbors saying "Hmm, their porch looks so bare," or "They've done nothing to the home," haha! I have ... read more

Jenn’s New House – Not the Tour You Were Expecting

1901 Victorian Charmer in historic Grant Park Atlanta, GA

You know when you have grandiose plans that are all supposed to work out? And these said plans should of course be done within 48 hours?  Well that's what was supposed to happen with my new house. I know you all were expecting to see some photographs of the interior of my new home, but come on in…let me tell you a story We closed on our house last Friday and were so excited!  Movers were supposed to arrive at 3:30 PM to unload the ... read more

Chalkboard Chore Chart

chalkboard chore chart

On one of my recent walks in my neighborhood, I came across this old window that someone was throwing away...I just love when that happens!  I knew that I immediately wanted to make it into a chalkboard.  But not just any that would hopefully help me organize my life a little better. Aside from working on our 2 Bees blog, I also have a full time job that at times can demand a lot of my time and attention (not to mention my ... read more

Painted Furniture Makeover – Splash of Color

Before Jennifer and I ever even thought about creating a blog, we were always busy with our projects. Whether it was decorating our own homes or a friends, we just love decorating. We have painted lots of furniture, painted even more walls and have sewn curtains and pillows. Our favorite part when the project is complete, is to stand back and admire the transformation. Here are a few painted furniture makeovers with a splash of ... read more