Easy Place Cards & Christmas Tablescape

Easy Place Card and Christmas Tablescape

Earlier this week I showed you our dining room furniture makeover and I was so excited with how it looked, that I decided I needed to go ahead and decorate it for Christmas. We aren't hosting Thanksgiving this year, so I thought, "Why not?" I don't know about y'all, but when I'm decorating my home I typically just need one idea to get my vision going. In this case, it was the chalkboard gift tags I showed you last week from Target. I got, what ... read more

Wood Slice Christmas Tree

Wood Slice Christmas Tree

Y'all, I have been sooo excited to share this project with you today! My brain has been on Christmas overdrive (for reasons you'll know about in the next few weeks) and when I got this idea it was hard to contain my giddiness. It's probably no secret that I love using rustic wood elements.  I used them in my wedding, my coffee table is a wooden industrial table, I tend to use wood elements in my past Christmas décor, etc. So when I was thinking ... read more

Take a Seat – Dining Furniture Makeover

Take a Seat Dining Furniture Makeover

Hey y'all, we're so excited to show you our dining furniture makeover! I'll admit it's one of the projects I've been putting off since moving into the new home.  The dining room kind of became the overflow room of unopened boxes, random pieces of furniture, crafts...you know the drill.  And because of this, I was feeling uninspired to get much of anything done. You know the feeling when you keep shoving things into one area and then the task of ... read more

Fall Entryway

IMG_0843 (2)

I'm excited to share my Fall Entryway with y'all today! I love Halloween for the abundance of scary movies and candy, but I typically don't decorate for the holiday. I can appreciate Halloween decorations, but using them myself has never really been my thing. I instead like to decorate for Fall...plus this decor can last me through Thanksgiving :) I decided that I didn't want to be overly traditional this year and I have really been loving the ... read more

Living Room Fall Mantel


Hey y'all! I am excited to share with you a simple Fall mantel I did for our Living Room.  If you remember a few weeks ago when I shared my Dining Room Mantel with you, I mentioned that I have four fireplaces in our new home.  I love having them so much and it gives me more spaces to decorate! Our Living Room mantel is original to the home and it has been restored to its natural wood. To be honest, this isn't my favorite shade, but I can't bring ... read more