Chalkboard Chore Chart

chalkboard chore chart

On one of my recent walks in my neighborhood, I came across this old window that someone was throwing away...I just love when that happens!  I knew that I immediately wanted to make it into a chalkboard.  But not just any that would hopefully help me organize my life a little better. Aside from working on our 2 Bees blog, I also have a full time job that at times can demand a lot of my time and attention (not to mention my ... read more

How to Clean Copper Pots and Pans…

A safe and organic way to clean copper pots and pans. Use lemon and kosher salt to wipe away grime. Shiny and polished!

Well, now I've gone and done it...I unexpectedly started a new collection. I blame it all on my friend Bambi. She flew into Atlanta from Tampa, and as soon as I picked her up at the airport - we hit the ground running. We spent the day having a wonderful lunch, catching up and antique and thrift shopping. For some reason on this particular day I kept picking up copper pots and saucepans. I've never had any copper pieces before and for some ... read more

Christmas Cocktail – Let It Snowtini Martini Recipe

Let it Snowtini...perfect for the holidays!

I don't know about y'all and your family, but ours loves a good cocktail...or special bevs as we like to call them. We especially love a good martini recipe. I wanted to do something a little different for the holidays and thought that a dessert martini was the way to go. As I was looking for inspiration I came across a martini recipe that I thought would be perfect, but wanted to make it a little more my own! I try to keep a decently stocked ... read more

DIY Mercury Glass…I Can’t Stop!

Beautfiul vintage patina for a DIY Mercury Glass Lamp.

Hello...My name is Vicki and I can't stop spray painting everything that is sitting still with Looking Glass spray paint!  I seriously need help :)  Last week I wrote a post about painting glass vases with the mercury glass effect for a bridal shower. After I discovered how easy this project was, and that I still had paint in my spray can, my mind began to race with limitless possibilities. I remembered that I had purchased another great brass ... read more

Painted Furniture Makeover – Splash of Color

Armchair - After

Before Jennifer and I ever even thought about creating a blog, we were always busy with our projects. Whether it was decorating our own homes or a friends, we just love decorating. We have painted lots of furniture, painted even more walls and have sewn curtains and pillows. Our favorite part when the project is complete, is to stand back and admire the transformation. Here are a few painted furniture makeovers with a splash of ... read more