Microwave Cart Makeover to Bar Cart with Modern Masters Metallic Paint…

Microwave Cart Makeover to Bar Cart with Modern Masters Metallic Paint.

Recently I have been working on updating my laundry room. Part of the updates include removing this old microwave cart from the space. I've had this cart for about 20 years and have basically been using it for storing items that don't have a permanent home. So, when we we had the opportunity to work with a paint line by Modern Masters we jumped at the chance. I knew the perfect project was turning this microwave cart into an outdoor bar ... read more

How To Clean Your Front Loading Washing Machine…and Get Rid of the Musty Smell

Who knew that a washing machine needed to be cleaned? Here is a How to clean your front loading washing machine tip.

Hey there...do you have a front-loading, high-efficiency washing machine? Me too! Lately my Honey Bee and I haven't been too thrilled with our washed laundry. After our clothes, towels and bed linens have been washed, they haven't smelled very fresh. Now, if Honey Bee notices that they don't "smell clean" you know that this was a red-alert problem in our household :) Our laundry had a very musty odor to it. I even tried switching detergents ... read more

Get the Funk Outta my Bathing Suit…How to Clean Your Bathing Suit After a Beach Visit

How to get that funky beach smell out of your bathing suit. Vinegar, baking soda and super washing soda are all that you need to make you suit, clean, fresh and like new.

Well, doesn't this post title just say it all? I hated the fact that I had to tackle this problem on my own :) Since this is the season of Summer beach vacations, you may find my how-to-clean-your-bathing-suit helpful. In January/February I was fortunate to take a Hawaiian vacation with my Honey Bee. You can read about that here and here if you care to take a gander :) We had a fabulous time - needless to say. My Honey Bee arranged for a very ... read more

How To Clean Up Spilled Chalkboard Paint Off Concrete…

How to clean up spilled chalkboard paint off of concrete.

Recently, Jennifer and I were out of town for a little lake time. My Honey Bee was going to be meeting us the next day. When my phone rang, I thought it was Honey Bee just checking in with us - but, no...he was calling to complain that someone had spilled black paint all over his side of our garage. Rut roh :(  Jennifer and I were scratching our heads trying to figure out what this paint could possibly be and we certainly weren't aware of the ... read more

DIY Mason Jar Citronella Candle Oil Lamp

DIY Mason jar citronella candle oil lamp

We plan to spend Memorial Day at the lake, and fortunate enough to extend our stay to four days. In our readiness and preparedness we have been making all kind of stuff that proudly shows our red, white and blue. We plan to be outdoors most of the time - hopefully by the pool, on the lake and just relaxing in our wonderful weather. Even though our weather is nice, we have already seen telltale signs of pesky mosquitos...yuck! I saw these cute ... read more