Entry Table Decor

Entry Table Decor. Vintage French Basket. Everett Foyer Table.

Entry Table Decor Hey friends! Did you think we fell off the face of the earth? It kind of felt that way to us too! Since we have had so much going on lately it became too challenging to keep up with everything. We knew it was time to surrender and wave our white flag. The best news? My dad - Jenn's grandpa finally came home from the hospital last week! After 2 ½ very long months we are so thrilled that he has transitioned to his own house. ... read more

Skinny Margarita Recipe

Skinny Margarita Recipe. Fresh juice makes for a delicious skinny margarita. Cinco de Mayo Margarita

Skinny Margarita TGIF friends! Are you looking forward to the weekend as much as I am? Honestly I think I say that every week. The difference today is that by the time y'all read this I will hopefully be on a sunny Florida beach, reading a good book and sipping a special bev. Honey Bee and I are mixing a bit of business and pleasure for an extended weekend stay. Hopefully I will have lots of pics to share here on the blog and on ... read more

DIY Wood Projects – DIY Housewives Series

DIY Wood Projects - Nautical Tray

It’s time for the monthly DIY Housewives Series! If you're not familiar with the series - here's how it works. Every month, we team up with 11 blog friends to bring you inspiring projects from our archives that fit a specific theme. This month, we are welcoming a guest blogger too! The theme is DIY Wood Projects, so we know that you’ll enjoy these inspiring wood project ideas! Our DIY wood project post is from last year. We created this ... read more

Faux Enamel Soap Dish – Thrift Store Upcycle

Faux Enamel Soap Dish. Antique apothecary jars.

It's time for another installment of the Thrift Store Decor Upcycle Challenge! We think that this is probably the least expensive makeover/transformation we have ever done! We created a faux enamel soap dish from an Easter pail! Once again we have teamed up with our talented blogger friends. You won’t believe the creativity this month – mind blowing! The Rules: Upcycle an item(s) from a thrift store, resale store, or garage sale into a ... read more

Wire Spool DIY Coffee Table

Wire Spool DIY Coffee Table. Outdoor coffee table DIY

Spool, spool and more spools. I wasn't kidding when I stated last week that I had other spool projects dancing around in my head. Last week I shared with y'all how I turned a small wire spool into a plant stand table.  Today is all about how I dismantled this large one to create a wire spool DIY coffee table for the front porch. Thanks again to our sweet friends Scott and Darlene for procuring and delivering these fabulous spools! The ... read more