Coastal Inspired Coffee Table Decor

Coastal Inspired Coffee Table Decor

Everyday I sit across from our coffee table at some point during the day or the evening. It didn't occur to me until yesterday that the decor was still full-blown Spring and it is already mid-Summer. Do you ever do that? Become immune to your own home decor? I've been so focused on other rooms in the house that I completely missed changing out the coffee table decor. It's not really a big deal, except for the fact that the Spring table had a ... read more

Sunroom Decor at the Lake


We are still on a holiday high...Honey Bee and I have decided to extended our time at the lake a couple of days longer. The weather Gods have finally cooperated and we have had two rain-free days in a row! We have happily been spending time outdoors and with our wonderful friends. I just discovered that there is a TJ Maxx within a 30 minute ride from us! Now, I don't know what rock I've been hiding under that I didn't know this before now. On ... read more

Living Room Refresh and Tour

IMG_1351_2 (1)

Can I just share with you that my living room is one of my favorite rooms in my home? I think it is because at the moment, it is the room that is the most decoratively complete and the most "me".  This room has color, personality and definitely decorated on a budget with pieces collected over time. I define my style as Vintage Traditional. I love mixing antiques, collectibles, found items and pieces with special meaning into my ... read more

Jenn’s front Porch


We are starting to get more settled into the new home, which I am loving by the way!  We're changing up most of the decor in the home, so it's been fun picking out new fabrics, rugs, etc. Although we have a lot to do on the interior of the home, I decided the best place to start with the new decor was the front porch. I mean I can't have the neighbors saying "Hmm, their porch looks so bare," or "They've done nothing to the home," haha! I have ... read more

Summer Dining Room Refresh

Summer Dining Room Refresh - moved things around and added a bit of color

Hey there... I'm so glad you are here because I would love to show you my dining room. I made a few changes and added a bit of color for Summer. I get requests all of the time that y'all want to see more of my home and I am definitely happy to oblige. So, come on in and I will show you around... Be forewarned - this post is definitely photo heavy. I guess I'm making up for lost time :) I love the freshness that bright green brings to the ... read more