Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day is less than two weeks away and we know some of y'all could use last minute Valentine's Day gift ideas. While we try to show our significant others how we feel each day, it's nice to have one special day dedicated to the love and appreciation we have for one another. We've put together a guide to help you find just the right gift for her or him because let's be honest, sometimes it's hard finding the perfect gift! And sometimes ... read more

How to Make a Watercolor Wreath – Easy and Fun

How to Make a Watercolor Wreath - Easy and Fun

Today's post is all about how to make a watercolor wreath. Now, please do not let this scare you off. I promise and pinky-heart-swear that I have never been an artist. Other than painting walls and furniture I had never put an artists paint brush to canvas or paper. A little over a year ago I wanted to recreate a watercolor feather that I had fallen in love with. Lo and behold I watched a tutorial and I was able to paint it all by myself. Feeling ... read more

DIY Picture Frame – Great Gift Idea

DIY Picture Frame - Great Gift Idea

We are in the final stretch for Christmas preparation. How are y'all holding up? Full disclosure...I'm just a tad behind with my Christmas shopping, which stresses me out. There are only a couple of more gifts to purchase, but my word they seem to be the hardest ones to find! You probably know me well enough by now to know that I love to make gifts as well as purchase them. To me this is so much more personal. Today I am sharing my DIY Picture ... read more

Christmas Gift Guide for Him

Gift Guide for Him. Christmas gift guide for men.

Y'all, can you believe that Thanksgiving is tomorrow?! Doesn't is seem like time travels at warp-speed this time of year? I definitely want to enjoy every minute of Thanksgiving and Christmas. In order to have stree-free holidays the most important thing for me to do is plan ahead and be very organized. One of the main things I do ahead of time is shop for gifts. We have created gift guides of our favorite this Christmas Gift Guide ... read more

17 Ideas for Easy DIY Holiday Hostess Gifts

17 Ideas for Easy DIY Holiday Hostess Gifts

Can you believe that today is the first day of November? We all know that the next eight weeks are going to fly by at lightning speed. For Jenn and I this date officially signifies the beginning of the holiday season. We strive to be as organized as possible to ensure that our holidays are meaningful, fun and carefree. It doesn't always work out that way...but we try. We have already received some party invitations which made us think of hostess ... read more