34 Beautiful Blue Furniture Makeovers

thirty eighth stree - blue painted buffet

34 Beautiful Blue Furniture Makeovers! We are certain that it is not any real secret that we love the color blue. We especially love using blue in our home decor and accessories. Looking around our homes it is also evident that most of our furniture makeovers include some shade of blue. Painting tattered and worn furniture is a wonderful way to rejuvenate a piece back to life. We have used chalk paint, one-step paint, latex paint and many ... read more

Painted Wing Chair and Update

Winter Home Tour. Painted wing chair.

When I decided to paint this wing chair, Honey Bee thought that I had lost my mind. He is always very supportive of my crazy design and decor ideas, but this is one project that he thought wasn't going to end well. So, I am here to tell you that this painted wing chair looks beautiful and Honey Bee had to eat his words :) This project is the second most popular post of all time for 2 Bees. We get asked a lot of questions and I hope to address ... read more

Top 10 Posts of 2016

Top 10 Posts of 2016

We hope with all of our hearts that you have been enjoying this holiday season as much as we are. 2 Bees have been taking a much needed break and have been resting up to recharge our creative batteries. Our time has been well spent visiting family and friends, laughing until we have cried, eating treats that we are absolutely positive have zero fat or caloric counts and planning for the year ahead. It's hard to believe that at the stroke of ... read more

Coffee Table Makeover in Napoleonic Blue Chalk Paint

Coffee Table Makeover in Napoleonic Blue Chalk Paint

One of the first things we need for the inside of the She Shed is a coffee table. Our budget is very limited so we tried to be creative and shop our own homes first. We hoped to find something that would work as a coffee table for the space. Well...that didn't pan out. Everything was either too big, too small or not functional. So, being the ever perfect mother :) I volunteered to hit the thrifting trail in search of a proper coffee table. ... read more

12 DIY Master Bedroom Projects – DIY Housewives Series

Master Bedroom Closet Reveal - One Room Challenge

We are super excited to partner with a fabulous group of 11 bloggers for a DIY Housewives Series. The first Wednesday of every month we will showcase posts from our archives that fit a specific DIY theme. You will get to experience all 12 projects at the end of each post. This month we are teaming up to share 12 DIY master bedroom projects. We are sharing our most favorite makeover to date...the master bedroom closet. We are very proud of this ... read more