Fall Coffee Table

Fall Coffee Table decor. Vintage trohpies. Wine corks. feathers and natural elements on a wood tray

Hey y'all...I hope that you have been graced with a bit of Fall Fever! Maybe some lower temps, crystal blue skies or your first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season. Here in Blogland we tend to decorate our homes earlier than most, but we hope that you are inspired by what you see here and think of ideas for your own home. Jenn boarded a plane last night for another "business" trip to Ireland. Did you see her beautiful photos from her trip just a ... read more

Rustic Fall Mantel

Fall is finally in the air and we are so excited! This weekend the temperature got in the 50's, which we just love. With the weather getting cooler, it definitely helps to inspire us more with our Fall décor.  And we are excited to share not only our rustic fall mantel with you today, but we have also teamed up with some of our blogging friends to give you even more inspiration. I knew I wanted the focus of the mantel to be this painting of ... read more

Fall Painted Neutral Pumpkins

Fall neutral painted mini pumpkins..

Hey y'all...I hope you are doing well in your neck of the woods. I have extended my stay at the lake a little bit longer. It is so peaceful and quiet here that I am able to get more work done than I would back in the city. I will pack up and head home tomorrow with a carload of projects that I have created. Like these fall painted neutral pumpkins. I try really hard to keep budget in mind when I decorate whether it be a craft or redoing an ... read more

Easy Fall Wreath

Easy Fall Wreath - DIY in just 5 minutes. Super cute, colorful and easy to make.

             This easy fall wreath will make you want to do even more DIY Fall                crafts since it's so simple to create your own. Hey y'all...we hope that you had a wonderful, long weekend. We are so glad that we had the opportunity to relax at the lake. We ate good food, shared a few special bevs, went on some wild boat rides and most importantly shared a great weekend together. Jennifer and I even had a little bit of time to ... read more

Fall Tablescape

Hey y'all and Happy Friday! We are happily spending this Labor Day holiday at the lake having some much needed downtime. We plan on having lots of fun in the sun, spending quality family time and definitely having some rest and relaxation. Before we rush out of town, we want to share with you our very popular Fall tablescape from last year. It's loaded with lots of color and special touches.   We can't believe that we have already ... read more