DIY Chalk Painted Urn

Chalk painted decorative urn. Chalk Paint a resin or plastic vase and make it look like vintage plaster.

It seems like I am forever on a quest to clean up our garage. Now, if you saw our garage you would probably scratch your head and say to yourself "this place is a sty". Admittedly our two-car garage is a mess and there are zero cars parked in it. Why? Because it is piled high with junk, furniture that needs to be repaired or painted and a plethora of paint cans, tools, etc. It's too embarrassing to even show you a picture. Now, the good thing ... read more

DIY Dish Towel Pillow…

DIY Dish Towel Pillow - Create a new decorative pillow from a new dish towel. Super easy - close up the two sides, add pillow form and close up the bottom seam. You can sew, glue or iron-on adhesive strips!

You know, I say it all of the time - I'm really a lucky girl - especially because Jennifer is my daughter. She and I know each other so well that we sometimes joke that we share a brain. For my birthday Sunday Jenn spoiled me with special gifts that only she could have chosen for me. She always knows exactly what I need and she puts so much thought and care when choosing gifts for me and for everyone she knows. One of these gifts was a ... read more

DIY Burlap Canvas Beach Art…

DIY Burlap Canvas Beach Art. Super simple artwork - add jute or rope to spell out "Beach" and embellish with shells and sea glass!

Hey glad that you are visiting us today and hope that your week is off to a great start. Jennifer and I have each been busy bees in our homes cleaning, purging, decorating and creating. We have a few projects to show you in the coming weeks. This past weekend was my birthday and I was excited to celebrate for three days. Yes, I know I'm spoiled but it was alot of fun. We get to do it all over again this weekend as it is Jennifer's ... read more

DIY Handwritten Recipe Tea Towel…

DIY Handwritten Recipe Tea Towels. Print a family recipe onto a tea towel. Great keepsake gift for Mother's Day, Birthday or Christmas. Wonderful way to share a treasured family recipe!

Hey there…we are so excited to see you here today! As promised, we are going to show you how we created our DIY Handwritten Recipe Tea Towels. Yesterday we participated in a Family Recipe Swap with four other bloggers. We commemorated our day of celebrating my mom - Jennifer's Granny - by creating pretty tea towels. The tea towels are printed with Barbara Jean's recipe in her handwriting. These tea towels will make great gifts for Mother's ... read more

DIY Polka Dot Napkins and Spring Table Decor

DIY Polka Dot Napkins for Spring

We hope that by now Spring has finally arrived at your doorstep. Here in Atlanta we have been fairly fortunate to have some truly beautiful days. I love the burst of color in my neighborhood - everything is in bloom! Redbuds, cherry trees, daffodils, Bradford pears and forsythia - all right on my own street and in my own yard. I've been working on several projects of late and I continue to work on my dining room table decor. I recently shared ... read more