Chalkboard Chore Chart

chalkboard chore chart

On one of my recent walks in my neighborhood, I came across this old window that someone was throwing away...I just love when that happens!  I knew that I immediately wanted to make it into a chalkboard.  But not just any that would hopefully help me organize my life a little better. Aside from working on our 2 Bees blog, I also have a full time job that at times can demand a lot of my time and attention (not to mention my ... read more

DIY Mercury Glass…I Can’t Stop!

Beautfiul vintage patina for a DIY Mercury Glass Lamp.

Hello...My name is Vicki and I can't stop spray painting everything that is sitting still with Looking Glass spray paint!  I seriously need help :)  Last week I wrote a post about painting glass vases with the mercury glass effect for a bridal shower. After I discovered how easy this project was, and that I still had paint in my spray can, my mind began to race with limitless possibilities. I remembered that I had purchased another great brass ... read more

What does that sticker say?

What does that sticker say?

What does that sticker say? Once again we were out thrifting for a deal at our local Goodwill.  Jennifer spied a very nice looking end table - solid wood(we think it's cherry), very good shape, nicely made,  Ethan Allen table.  Jenn looked at the price tag, looked up at me wide-eyed and said "this table is $5.00". Me - the ever supportive mother - said "No way!"  I mean, we are very thrifty with our finds but this was a great deal.  The next ... read more