Favorite Decor and Design Books for Inspiration

Blog - Favorite Decor and Design Books for Inpsiration. Decor Coffee Table Books.

Favorite Decor and Design Books for Inspiration This week I can honestly say - Thank God it's Friday! Do you ever have one of those weeks where you stand back and proclaim "so glad that's over!"? Thankfully these kind of weeks are a rarity for me. One thing I notice when I do experience a bad week is that I find it hard to fill my creativity tank. Being creative is super important to me. It's more than just being creative for my job - this blog. ... read more

How to Make Soothing Lavender Sleep Spray

How to make soothing lavender sleeping spray. Lavender essential oil helps with calming sleep.

How to Make Soothing Lavender Sleep Spray Do you ever have a hard time going to sleep at night? Or maybe you find difficulty in clearing your mind and being able to relax. Personally as of late, I have not been able to get a good night's sleep. It could be the season of my life or it could be from stress and worry. Today I am going to share how to make soothing lavender sleep spray. Back in October we went to a wedding in New York. Me dear ... read more

End Table Spring Refresh

End Table Spring Decor

In the past two weeks, I have gotten the Spring fever bug! The weather has been gorgeous here on the weekends, which is giving me the motivation to not only do some Spring cleaning, but also to refresh some of my home decor, like this end table. We got this industrial spool table from Kara's parents and it has been a staple in our living room for the past 5 years. I again am doing everything on a budget and did not buy anything new for my end ... read more

Latest Thrift Store Finds

Latest thrift store finds. Thrift Store Finds for Decor. Vintage French Egg Cups. Le Comptoir de Famille in blue and white. Perfect

Jenn and I haven't  shared our thrift store finds for quite some time now. Our lives are so crazy busy at the moment, it's hard to find a spare minute to do the thrift store pilgrimage. Typically we like to make a day out of thrifting - visiting our favorite shops and looking for great deals. Do you do that? Fun, right? The thrill of the hunt with the promise of discovering a hidden treasure is invigorating. Typically, we have a few set ... read more

13 DIY Light Fixtures – DIY Housewives Series

Easy Lamp Makeover

Welcome to our monthly installment of our DIY Housewives Series! This month we are super excited because our theme is all about DIY light fixtures. If you already follow us - we are so happy to see you. Perhaps you are new to 2 Bees in a Pod - so glad that you have joined us. Each month we showcase our DIY talents and follow a theme to highlight a past project. The added bonus for you is that you get to view 12 other fabulous DIY projects from ... read more