Skinny Margarita Recipe

Skinny Margarita Recipe. Fresh juice makes for a delicious skinny margarita. Cinco de Mayo Margarita

Skinny Margarita TGIF friends! Are you looking forward to the weekend as much as I am? Honestly I think I say that every week. The difference today is that by the time y'all read this I will hopefully be on a sunny Florida beach, reading a good book and sipping a special bev. Honey Bee and I are mixing a bit of business and pleasure for an extended weekend stay. Hopefully I will have lots of pics to share here on the blog and on ... read more

Brandy Alexander – Perfect Dessert Cocktail

Brandy Alexander - Perfect Dessert Cocktail

Well, it's only four more days until the big day. Raise your hand if you're ready. As much as I would love to tell y'all that I am 100% complete, I can't. I've been slightly derailed the past couple of days because I'm sick. Today I plan to travel an hour into town and finish up the little bit that I have left to do. On the home-front I am 100% ready. Recipes are laid out, grocery shopping is done, baking is complete and all of the family ... read more

DIY Cheese Marker Tags – Virtual Holiday Cocktail Party

DIY Cheese Marker Tags - Virtual Holiday Cocktail Party

Welcome to the party! We have invited some of our favorite blogging friends to bring you the best holiday cocktail party ideas for Christmas and New Year's Eve. You will see crafts, table decor, party ideas and delicious recipes - all to ensure your holiday cocktail party success! Don't forget to visit everyone at the end of our post. You can easily click through all of the fabulous ideas. We will kick off the party with our DIY Cheese Marker ... read more

12 DIY Christmas Ideas – DIY Housewives Series

12 DIY Christmas Ideas - DIY Housewives Series

It’s time for our Monthly feature in the DIY Housewives Series. This month we are happy to share 12 DIY Christmas Ideas. If you’re not familiar with this series it’s where we team up with 11 other bloggers and we share theme specific DIY projects. This month you will get to see a little bit of everything related to Christmas. We are revisiting our post for our DIY Plaid Tray and Moscow Mule Station. At the end of this post you can see what the ... read more

Hot Cider Appletini Cocktail

Hot Cider Appletini Cocktail

As Fall approaches I get very excited and dream about the possibilities of the season. When the temps dip and the air is cool and crisp I become more energized. I want to entertain as much as possible. Al fresco dinners on the porch, evenings by the fire, a neighborhood chili cook-off and cocktail parties. Whenever guests come to my house they can expect a signature cocktail for the evening. I did a lot of taste testing for this recipe, possibly ... read more