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Hey there…we are Vicki and Jennifer – a mother/daughter team from Atlanta, GA that has a passion for decorating home interiors. We love to thrift, junk, paint, repurpose and DIY. Not to mention travel, and shop for clothing and accessories. Follow us as we transform our finds, homes, recipe and lives. Here’s more detail about us:


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What is your decorating style?

I would say it is Vintage Traditional. I definitely like furniture that is classic, but I also love to mix it up with worn, well-loved pieces and colorful items.

Favorite color – I love turquoise –it pairs with practically every color.

Your “special beverage” of choice – my go-to drink is Grey Goose vodka, cranberry and a twist of lime. Preferably by the water…with fun friends and family.

Favorite Southern food – it would have to hands down be my mother’s fried pork chop, mac and cheese and okra, not necessarily served at the same meal.

Ultimate vacation destination – I really love to travel! My favorite trip, so far, is Italy. I would go back to the village of Trani. My husband’s maternal grandfather was from this town. It is picturesque and located on the Adriatic Sea.

Favorite TV shows – This list could get long. I love almost everything HGTV, especially House Hunters International. Top Chef, Master Chef, Project Runway, Modern Family, Major Crimes, Downton Abbey and Amazing Race. New favorite: Fixer Upper. Old fave: Little House on the Prairie. Pa can still make me cry.

Books/Magazines you can’t put down – I have lost count of how many times I have read, “To Kill a Mockingbird”. Magazine favorites obviously must end with “Living”: Southern Living, Country Living, Coastal Living and still mourning the loss of Cottage Living.

Most treasured heirloom – My most treasured items are my family cookbooks and recipes and vintage family photos.

I have some of my mother’s cookbooks as well as cookbooks from a great-great aunt. I have many special recipes from my grandpa and grandma that I treasure dearly.

I can’t get enough of vintage photos of my family. Ever since I was little I have always rummaged through my parents and grandparents albums, photo drawers and boxes. I just loved staring into the faces of my ancestors – wondering who I looked like and what their lives must have been like.


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What is your decorating style?

Eclectic for sure! I love vintage and classic styles, but I also really love industrial elements as well.

Favorite color –  This is a hard one because I have so many, but I love grays and blues.

Your “special beverage” of choice – Whiskey and ginger or a fresh margarita by the pool.

Favorite Southern food –  I love fried chicken, my mom’s mashed potatoes, and my aunts deviled eggs. I also love a good home baked apple pie (or really anything sweet)!

Ultimate vacation destination – Like my mother I absolutely love to travel! Some of my favorite places I have visited are Capri, Italy; Nice, France; and Killarney, Ireland.

Favorite TV shows – This list could go on for a while, but some of my favorites are Chopped, True Blood, Pretty Little Liars (guilty pleasure), House Hunters, Master Chef, Modern Family, Game of Thrones, Greys Anatomy (yes, I still watch this show) & Downton Abbey.

Books/Magazines you can’t put down – “East of Eden” is one of my all time favorites…more recently I’ve really enjoyed “Divergent”.  Luckily for Christmas each year my mom gets me subscriptions to Southern Living, Country Living, and HGTV, which I love!

Most treasured heirloom – This would be a cameo that has been passed down in my family for generations.  My grandma gave it to me when I graduated from college and it is something I will always cherish.

I also have a locket that was once my grandma’s and I wear it any chance I can get. It helps to remind me that she’s always with me.