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We are firm and staunch believers that thrifty style does not mean  you have to scrimp on design or home decor taste. It doesn’t even mean that these items necessarily have to come from a thrift store either. So what is thrift style? For us it means finding items that we love for a great price. Take for example our wicker demijohn bottles. Each bottle came from a different place. Collectively in a vignette they make a beautiful display.

2 Bees is very happy to announce we are now part of the monthly Thrifty Style Team. Each month we will present how we display, decorate or makeover an item in our homes.

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Wicker Demijohn Bottles. Thrift style is gorgeous.

This beautiful wicker bottle looks vintage because of the little bubbles in the glass. Last year it was purchased at the craft store clearance aisle for just $2.oo. The woven wicker makes it look authentically antique.


Demijohn bottles are always on our “treasure find” list. The taller bottle in the middle was found at a thrift store for just .50 cents.


Woven wicker bottles are a bit harder to come by. We were very lucky that our bottle was free, yes – free. It was in another box of items from a yard sale and the owner just wanted to get rid of it. Can you imagine?

Wicker Demijohn Bottle. Thrifted bottles make for gorgeous home decor.

So, if you are a bit patient you can garner a collection like ours in just a short amount of time. And even better – for very little money. Remember, your home decor style doesn’t need to break the bank.

Wicker Demijohn Bottles. Styling your home need not be expensive.

Displayed together on the coffee table with vintage cobalt glass bottles and cottage roses they look fabulous.

Wicker Demijohn Bottles. Textured bottles look great in home decor.


Wicker Demijohn Bottles.

We hope that you like our thrift style. Don’t forget to visit all of our talented friends!

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  1. says

    This is a gorgeous collection! I love hearing the story behind each one! It makes a perfect centerpiece. Those colors are to die for! <3 So glad to be teamed up with you, sweet friends!

  2. says

    Your wicker jugs are awesome. Wish I could find some around here, but for some reason I NEVER see them at the thrift stores or estate sales. But you are making me want to search even harder!

  3. says

    You have a great collection. I absolutely agree that you can have great style while being thrifty. I love wicker bottles. They are on my radar after seeing yours!!

  4. says

    What a delight to see your thrifty style. I have always wanted some wicker bottles. You have inspired me to find some. I look forward to working with you more often. Have a great week, my friends.

  5. says

    I grew up with my mom loving wicker, but she could only afford a tiny bit. She had a waste basket in the bathroom, and a shelf in there, too. I LOVE wicker. These bottles are gorgeous! Your roses are perfect XO

  6. says

    Hi Girls! So happy to be on the Thrifty Team with you! I love your wicker collection along with those gorgeous cobalt bottles! I only have 1 wicker covered bottle and I’ve had it so long that I cannot remember where or how I acquired it! Always on the look for more!